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Aiming at becoming a global leader in delivering reliable fuel cell solutions, HydraV was founded in 2017 by VISION GROUP (SZSE: 002733), a world-renowned smart energy solution service company. HydraV owns an experienced and expertized team and focuses on product-oriented core capabilities. The fuel cell engines independently

developed and manufactured by HydraV have been applied to several environmentally friendly transportation solutions such as buses and trucks. Our team also dedicates in developing fuel cell solutions for sedan, vessels, and power generation.

Vision HydraV has invested in the construction of industrial parks in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Datong, and Guangzhou, with the aim of cooperating with various localities and comprehensive development.

Vision HydraV provides a series of professional and reliable power solutions for various industries, and provides assistance for the development of passenger cars, logistics vehicles, forklifts, trams, power stations, base station backup power supplies and other fields.

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