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2.5T fuel cell system

2.5T fuel cell system forklift, using 48V DC platform, the system rated output power 11KW, peak output up to 24KW; After several rounds of system integration optimization, under the condition that the system size volume is only 420L, a hydrogen cylinder with a volume of 1.2KG is arranged, which can realize the continuous operation of the forklift for 4 hours, which is at the leading level in the field of forklifts in the fuel-fired system; the advanced hydrogen-lithium mixing strategy is adopted, the system dynamic response is fast, which can meet the application scenarios of the forklift in multiple working conditions to achieve rapid start and long-term smooth operation; at the same time, the forklift system can increase the remote data detection function according to customer needs, detect vehicle operation data in real time; suitable for factory workshop, Warehouses, logistics centers and other application scenarios.

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