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W1.0 metal plate stack

Senergy Fuel Cell Technology W1.0 metal plate stack from the project to research and development took more than a year, with the following characteristics:

High volume power density, up to 5.4kW/L; Low temperature start, to achieve -30 °C low temperature cold start requirements; High insulation, stack insulation 500MΩ @1000V, higher than the national standard 500 times more; Fast load addition and deceleration, with load-loading and unloading speeds up to 50 kW/S.

W1.0 metal plate stack consistency is wonderful, in line with vehicle compaction requirements, convenient for car companies after-sales service. Some performance and life predictions of different monomer batteries can be obtained through big data monitoring, and more levels of utilization can be achieved in the future.

Senergy Fuel Cell Technology W1.0 is perfectly matched to the application of passenger cars, the product volume is smaller than the general passenger car requirements, and it is also comfortable to meet most other models.

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