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VISTAH-60A Fuel Cell Engine

VISTAH-60A is the fuel cell engine independently developed by HydraV, which is designed for buses and medium trucks. This system features high efficiency, high hydrogen utilization, and a compact structure that facilitates maintenance. The system stability has been proven by reliability tests, and its modular design facilitates upgrading and optimization of modules.

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+ High efficiency

+ High hydrogen utilization rate

+ Reliable stability

+ Modular design


+ Buses

+ Medium trucks

General Specifications

Performance Parameters
Rated Power (kW)60
Rated Current (A)600
Rated Voltage (VDC)120~220
Efficiency (%)≥45%
CoolantEthylene glycol 50% by volume, balance DI water
Physical Parameters
Exterior Dimensions (mm)1000*560*700
Ingress Protection RatingIP67
Vibration DurabilitySAE J2380
Control InterfaceCAN BUS
Operating Conditions
Hydrogen Inlet Pressure (kPa)0~140
Air Inlet Pressure (kPa)0~120
Coolant Inlet Pressure (kPa)10~80
Coolant Inlet Temperature (℃)-30~65
Ambient Temperature (℃)-30~60
Ambient Humidity (%RH)5~95
Storage Temperature (℃)-30~60
Altitude (m)≤3000

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