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Gen-1 PEMFC Stack

HydraV’s first generation of liqiud-cooled PEMFC stack raises single-cell power to 180W with combined stack rated power of 18–36kW due to breakthroughs in cell and flow-field design. This newest, first generation stack design complies with mid-to high-pressure operation requirements and also benefits from strictly managed and homogenous production by Nowogen’s new automated assembly line.

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+ Composite Bipolar Plate

+ Low Pt Technology

+ High Speed CVM

+ World -Class Power Density

+ World -Class Power Density

General Specifications

PerformanceRated Power18-36kW
Current Range0-300A
Fuel Consumption12NL/(min.kW)
Module Efficiency≥52%
FuelGaseous Hydrogenas per
OxidantAirfiltered to remove particulates and toxic chemical compounds
CoolantDeionized Water100%,≤1.5μS/cm
Ethylene Glycol-Deionized Water50%-50%,≤1.5μS/cm
Operating ConditionsHydrogen inlet Pressure<150kPa
Air inlet Pressure<100kPa
Storage temperature-40℃ - 60℃
Operating temperature-10℃ - 45℃
Humidity10% - 95%RH
Physical ParametersMass36kg(*36kW)

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