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VISH-90A Fuel Cell Engine

VISH-90A Fuel Cell Engine

This product is the first-generation fuel cell engine system developed by HydraV for heavy-duty trucks, light rail trains, and stationary power stations. This system features high efficiency, high hydrogen utilization, and a compact structure that facilitates maintenance. The system stability has been proven by reliability tests, and its modular design facilitates upgrading and optimization of modules.


1.Maintenance-free (no need for Replenishment in use)

2.A long service life of 5 years

3.Low internal resistance and high output power

4.Excellent tightness (no leakage of liquid or acid gas)

5.Low self-discharge

6.Installable in any direction, facilitating safe transportation


Communication and electric machines, emergency lighting devices, and fire protection systems Security systems, office computers, microcomputer processors, and OA devices UPS lighting, security, fire protection, and other electric devices for emergence use Hand-held power supplies, backup power supplies, robots, and control machines

General Specifications

Product Serial NumberXTQX-6080D
Rated Power (kW)90
Rated Current (A)320
Rated Voltage (VDC)330~550
Efficiency (%)≥45%
Coolantcoolant for commercial use
Physical Parameters
Exterior Dimensions (mm)1120*1135*420
Ingress Protection RatingIP67
Vibration DurabilityConform to SAE J2380
Control InterfaceCAN BUS
Operating Conditions
Hydrogen Inlet Pressure (MPa)1.5~2
Air Inlet Pressure (kPa)10~100
Coolant Inlet Pressure (kPa)10~80
Coolant Inlet Temperature (℃)-20~60
Ambient Temperature (℃)-30~45
Ambient Humidity (%RH)5~95
Ambient Temperature of Storage Area (℃)-40~60
Altitude (m)≤3000