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V-LFP 48V Series

The V-LFP series of lithium battery systems are high-tech products developed by Vision Group. This series has significant advantages as backup batteries for communication equipment, such as high power density, small size, long service life, resistance to high temperature, fast charging and discharging, and modular design.

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1. Positive electrode made of LiFePO4 (LFP), ensuring high safety and long service life.Charge/discharge cycles can be more than 4000 at the DOD of 85% and 35° Celsius.

2. Compatible with a variety of communication power supply devices.

3. Maintenance-free design, fitting in a 19-inch communications cabinet. Can independent disconnection of the battery in case of group mounting.

4. Built-in BMS system with multiple protection and communication functions(RS485 interface with Modbus protocol), which ensures high reliability of the battery pack and enables real-time monitoring of battery data over a long distance.

5. Low internal resistance, with efficient internal balance of the battery control circuit.

6. Wide working temperature range and high reliability.Charging temperature range from 0°C to +60°C, and discharging temperature range from -20°C to +60°C.

7. Support for parallel connection of battery packs.


1.Communication equipment rooms
2.Outdoor base stations

General Specifications

Model Rated Capacity (Ah) Rated Voltage (V) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Terminal Type
V-LFP48V10Ah 10 48 442 285 44 8 DSTB8-2-2-M6
V-LFP48V20Ah 20 48 442 300 88 13 DSTB8-2-2-M6
V-LFP48V30Ah 30 48 442 380 88 23 DSTB8-2-2-M6
V-LFP48V40Ah 40 48 442 430 88 25 DSTB8-2-2-M6
V-LFP48V50Ah 50 48 442 440 135 31 DSTB8-2-2-M6
V-LFP48V80Ah 80 48 442 480 177 42 DSTB8-2-2-M6
V-LFP48100 100 48 442 400 177 40 DSTB8-2-2-M6

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