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REVO Single-phase Series

REVO Single-phase Series

The REVO series is developed by Vision Group for various UPS products. Lithium batteries of this series use high-rate LFP cells and BMS system developed by Vision Group, and integrates a remote cloud management system and an intelligent fire protection module. These batteries feature high reliability, high stability, long service life, and outstanding safety.

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1.High discharge rate, up to 30C
2.Over 90% of discharge efficiency
3.A designed service life of 20 years
4.A long cycle life, no less than 1000 cycles of 4C discharging and 1C charging
5.High compatibility, applicable to various low-power UPS or other inverter devices


1.Data centers
2. Computer room of financial organizations
3.Computer room of rail transportation
4.Wind-solar hybrid systems
5.Energy storage in areas without power supply

General Specifications

Model Cell Module Pack System Standard Voltage Max. Output Power Weight Dimensions (mm)
SP500 1.1Ah 12V3.3Ah 12V3.3Ah 12V3.3Ah 12.8V 500W 0.6kg 152*65*95
SP1000 1.1Ah 24V3.3Ah 24V3.3Ah 24V3.3Ah 25.6V 1000W 1.5kg 140*300*40
SP2000 1.1Ah 48V3.3Ah 48V3.3Ah 48V3.3Ah 51.2V 2000W 3.0kg 280*300*40
SP3000 1.1Ah 72V3.3Ah 72V3.3Ah 72V3.3Ah 76.8V 3000W 4.5kg 420*300*40
SP10000 1.1Ah 192V10Ah 192V10Ah 192V10Ah 204.8V 10KW 32kg 443*620*133
SP30000 20Ah 240V20Ah 240V20Ah 240V20Ah 240V 30KW 100kg 430*630*370

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