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REVO Single-phase lithium battery Series

The REVO series is developed by Vision Group for various UPS products. Lithium batteries of this series use high-rate LFP cells and BMS system developed by Vision Group, and integrates a remote cloud management system and an intelligent fire protection module. These batteries feature high reliability, high stability, long service life, and outstanding safety.

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1.The series supports built-in or external, and its high compatibility performance is suitable for a variety of small and medium power UPS or other inverter devices.

2.It supports CANBUS or MODBUS communication.

3.The second or third-level management structure supports external parallel connection and later expansion.

4.High precision control 3mV voltage accuracy: 1℃ temperature control.

5.High discharge efficiency: more than 90%.

6.Long service life: design life of 15 years.

7.Long cycle life: 3C discharge and 1C charge, not less than 1500 times.


1.Data centers
2. Computer room of financial organizations
3.Computer room of rail transportation
4.Wind-solar hybrid systems
5.Energy storage in areas without power supply

General Specifications

Single-phase Series

Type Capacity Module type Module type Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg) Nominal energy(kwh)
SP12V-6 12.8V6AH 1.5AH 4S4P 151 65 100 0.95 0.076
SP12V-9 12.8V9AH 9Ah 4S1P 65 152 98 1.25 0.115
SP12V-100 12.8V100AH 100AH 4S1P 330 171 220 10.5 1.28
SP12V-150 12.8V150AH 50AH 4S3P 482 170 240 20.5 1.92
SP12V-200 12.8V200AH 100AH 4S2P 522 238 223 21 2.56
SP192V-28 192V28AH 6AH 5P60S 440 700 174 68 5.37

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