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Lead-Carbon Battery Series

Lead carbon batteries of this series use a new design of grids, active substance, shell, and electrolyte based on the advanced lead-acid battery production technology. These batteries support deep cycles and have a long service life, and are one of optimal solutions for the energy storage industry.

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1.A designed service life of 10 years
2.Excellent cycle performance in unsaturated state of charge
3.A long service life attributed to the excellent cycle performance
4.Easy installation and maintenance


  • New energy systems, such as solar energy, wind energy, and wind-solar hybrid systems
  • Peak cut systems for power grids
  • Frequency modulation and load tracking systems
  • Smart grid and micro grid systems
  • Power storage systems in areas without mains power supply or with poor-performing power grids

General Specifications

Model Rated Voltage (V) Rated Capacity (10 hr/Ah) L x W x H (mm) Total Height (mm) Terminal Type Weight (kg)
6FM100ZC-X 12 100 330*171*215 220 M8 30
6FM200ZC-X 12 200 522*238*218 223 M8 62.5
CG12-100ZCA-X 12 100 330*171*215 220 M8 30
CG12-200ZCA-X 12 200 522*238*218 223 M8 62.5
CL300C 2 300 171*151*330 364 M8 19.7
CL400C 2 400 211*176*329 367 M8 28

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