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High- Temperature Battery Series

The high-temperature battery (HTB) series is designed for use in outdoor environments without air conditioners, reducing costs of equipment installation and use. Batteries of this series have a designed service life of 10 years under a temperature of 35°C. The HTB series VRLA batteries are new products developed by Vision Group for equipment used in high-temperature environments. This series overcomes the impact of high temperature on the performance and service life of VRLA batteries and increases the working temperature of lead-acid batteries from 25°C to 35°C without compromising the service life. You can raise the temperature of air conditioners to 35°C or install the batteries in a straightly ventilated cabinet, reducing the operation expenses and emissions.

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1.Wide working temperature range (-40°C to +80°C)
2.A designed service life of 10 years under 35°C
3.Highly corrosion-resisting alloy
4.Shell made of special high temperature resistant material
5.Unique electrolyte additives


Base stations in high-temperature areas, areas facing frequent power outages, and harsh environments
Solar and wind power stations, telecommunications equipment, and emergency power supply systems in power stations

General Specifications

Model Rated Voltage (V) Rated Capacity (10 hr/Ah) L x W x H (mm) Total Height (mm) Terminal Type Weight (kg)
CT12-100X-HTB 12 100 508*110*223 238 M6 32.5
CT12-150X-HTB 12 150 552*110*288 295 M8 48.8
CT12-180X-HTB 12 180 558*125*317 323 M8 58.5

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