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energy storage- Household ESS Product—GHVB High-voltage BESS

  • Modular stacked design Blind connection
  • High-voltage parallel structure
  • Applicable to Off-grid and On-grid scene
  • Built-in bidirectional DC/DC Support
  • mixed use of new and old Easy maintenance
  • IP55 protection grade
  • Strong environmental adaptability
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General Specifications

Model GHVB-1P-5 GHVB-2P-10 GHVB-3P-15 GHVB-4P-20 GHVB-5P-25
Nominal energy 5.12kWh 10.24kWh 15.36kWh 20.48kWh 25.6kWh
Battery Module 51.2V/100Ah/5.12kWh
Number of modules
1 2 3 4 5
Cell type LFP 3.2V/100Ah
Pack mode 16S1P 16S2P 16S3P 16S4P 16S5P
Battery working voltage
Battery working current 6.25/12.5A 12.5/25A 18.75/37.5A 25/50A 31.25/62.5A
Max.out power 5kW 10kW 15kW 20kW 25kW
Cycles life
6000 次@80%DOD/25℃/0.5C/80%EOL
Dimensions(W*D*H) 630*360*530mm 630*360*780mm 630*360*1030mm 630*360*1280mm 630*360*1530mm
Weight 74kg 128kg 182kg 236kg 290kg
IP code IP55
Certificates IEC62619/CE/UN38.3

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