Wuhan Vision HydraV promotes the development of the hydrogen energy industry | Wuhan Hydrogen Energy Industry Alliance is formally established

Jun 23, 2021

Aiming to promote the rapid, healthy and efficient development of the hydrogen energy industry in Wuhan, the Wuhan Hydrogen Energy Industry Promotion Alliance, an industry-based and professional hydrogen energy industry coordinator established by Wuhan Vision HydraV as a founding member, was formally established on June 20. The alliance was initiated by the State Power Investment Corporation, Baowu Group, Dongfeng Group, Three Gorges Group, Yanchang Petroleum Group, and Wuhan University of Technology. Wuhan Vision HydraV is the deputy director unit of the association.

Wuhan hydrogen industry promotion alliance will realize the orderly sharing and connection of technology, talents, capital and other elements in the alliance, promote close cooperation and win-win in R & D, production, promotion, supporting and other links, and realize collaborative innovation. As a deputy director of the association, Wuhan Vision HydraV will continue to do a good job in university industry research cooperation, promote the transformation of R & D achievements, and jointly promote the high-quality development of hydrogen industry with industrial chain enterprises.

The 14th five year plan clearly proposes the goal of carbon neutralization of 2060 and peak in 2030, and hydrogen energy is safe and pollution free, which is an important way and grasp to achieve the goals of "carbon reaching peak" and "carbon neutralization". Wuhan has explored hydrogen energy application earlier in China. The "14th five year plan" of Wuhan city includes hydrogen energy in one of the six emerging industries in the future development of Wuhan. The development of hydrogen energy industry is an important part of the construction of "five centers" in Wuhan.