Winning the bid, nearly 50 million orders!

Mar 10, 2022

Vision Group, received the "Notice of Award" from Jingshan Public Transportation Co. Ltd.

This is the second time that Vision Group has received an order for hydrogen bus packages from Jingshan!

Back in November 2020, Golden Dragon Bus and Vision Group officially delivered 30 hydrogen-fueled city buses to Jingshan City Public Transportation Co., Ltd. This order belonged to the largest batch of hydrogen-fueled vehicles put into demonstration operation in Hubei Province at that time, which had positive significance for the declaration of the demonstration city group of fuel cell vehicles in Hubei Province.

The winning project will further accelerate the company's business development in the hydrogen energy market and promote the demonstration and promotion of hydrogen energy transportation application. In the future, Vision Group will not forget the original intention, continue to innovate, increase investment to build top products, and help the hydrogen fuel cell industry become better and stronger!