Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the "2022 Gaogong Robotics Annual Conference"

Dec 19, 2022

The 9th Annual GGII Robotics Conference was held from December 14 to 16, 2022, hosted by GGII Robotics and GGII.

The theme of the conference was "Great Changes in the World, Great Era in China", involving the whole industry chain, including core parts, body, system integration, intelligent accessories and digital factory, etc. 600+ robot industry chain enterprises and 1000+ enterprise executives gathered together.

Dr. Gao Pengran, Chief Engineer of Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to this event and delivered a keynote speech on "From Lithium, Sodium and Hydrogen: Opportunities and Challenges for the New Energy Industry".

Dr. Gao Pengran: "From the perspective that the long-term development of lithium batteries will be constrained by the shortage of lithium resources, sodium ion batteries have shown the qualities to become an important alternative route, and will form a complementary pattern with lithium batteries after commercialisation. And the development of hydrogen fuel cells cannot be achieved without the joint efforts of all industry partners. It is clear that different applications exist for different batteries, and the future of hydrogen fuel is bright."

After the 18th century, the widespread use of coal, oil and electricity has promoted the first and second industrial revolutions, making human society move from an agrarian to an industrial civilisation, and energy has become a hot focus. The massive use of fossil energy has brought about a series of problems for the environment, ecology and global climate. Taking the initiative to crack and accelerate the development of energy transformation has become the conscious action of all countries in the world, and the clean and low-carbon development of energy has become a major trend.

Lithium power soaring, sodium power industry formation

New energy vehicles drive the rapid rise of lithium materials, but there is a certain time lag on the supply side. From the point of view that the long-term development of lithium batteries will be constrained by the shortage of lithium resources, sodium ion batteries are an important alternative route, and are expected to take the lead in energy storage, low-speed vehicles and other scenarios to achieve large-scale commercial applications in the future, forming a complementary pattern with lithium batteries.

High-speed development of hydrogen fuel cell industry

The low-carbon new energy industry has entered a period of high-quality development, and fuel cells have emerged as a key technology approach in the transportation sector under the dual-carbon goal by virtue of their short refuelling time, long range, good low-temperature characteristics and high power density.

The emergence of new things is bound to face the shackles of technology upgrade and usage cost. With the advantages of the whole industrial chain layout, profound technology accumulation and professional R & D talent team, Xiongtao Hydrogen Rui continuously optimizes its products, breaks the price barrier and creates products that customers can afford and use with confidence.

Green low-carbon and sustainable development has become the main theme of the whole industry development. In the future, Vision Senergy Fuel Cell will insist on innovation and craftsmanship to become a reliable "front-runner" on the road to carbon neutrality for global customers.