Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology and GAC Research Institute reach cooperation

Dec 8, 2022

Recently, Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology and GAC Research Institute reached a cooperation intention, and the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of passenger cars.

On December 6, Guangzhou City issued a notice on the work plan for the demonstration and application of fuel cell vehicles in Guangzhou (2022-2025). Highlights include.

1: Promote and apply no less than 2,500 fuel cell vehicles in the city, and strive for the city's fuel cell vehicle industry to exceed 10 billion yuan by 2025.

2: Play the leading role of vehicle enterprises, support Guangzhou Automobile Group, Guanghuan Factory, Xiongchuan Hydrogen Energy and other enterprises to accelerate the development of fuel cell commercial vehicles, sanitation vehicles, special vehicles and passenger cars. Support fuel cell vehicle enterprises and key enterprises such as Yuntao Hydrogen Energy to form an innovation consortium in conjunction with various key component enterprises to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry.

In recent years, hydrogen energy has gradually become the new focus of the international agenda and gained rapid development under the active promotion of major economies such as the European Union, Japan, South Korea and China. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda and other car companies have launched hydrogen fuel cell vehicles one after another.

Under the call of domestic policy, Guangzhou Automobile Group, the head company of passenger cars, has also taken the lead and actively laid out its layout, setting the goal of carrying out the development of alternative fuel models including hydrogen power to help the company achieve full life-cycle carbon neutrality of its products by 2050.

Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute

Established in 2006, GAC Research Institute is the technical management department and R&D system hub of GAC Group, mainly responsible for product development and planning and implementation of new technologies for GAC Chuanqi, GAC Ean and other independent brands. It has built a global R&D network with GAC Research Institute as the core, supported by GAC American R&D Center, GAC European R&D Center and GAC Shanghai Forward-looking Design Studio.

Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology

Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology is dedicated to the development of new reactor structures and materials. Our products include graphite plate reactor, metal plate reactor, forklift fuel cell system and communication fuel cell system, with rated power covering 5kW~150kW. Meanwhile, the company has developed new paper reactor targeting the pain points of graphite base material and metal base material fuel cell. At present, the main application areas of the products are new energy vehicles, communication base stations, forklifts, data centers, distributed power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies, etc.

Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology empowers industry development with technology and makes quality products that users can afford and use with confidence. This cooperation represents the trust and recognition of the product technology of Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology, and the strong combination between Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology and GAC Research Institute will bring new surprises to the industry and promote the high-quality development of China's new energy vehicle industry.