Vision Senergy Fuel Cell rated as the innovative brand of the year in China's battery industry

Feb 2, 2023

Recently, Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the 12th (2022) annual innovation brand in China's battery industry in the annual figure/annual innovation award/excellent supplier selection event organized by,, I Love and Energy

In the new energy era, brand is an important engine to drive enterprises, and innovation brings inexhaustible power to the development of enterprises. Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. continues to make new breakthroughs in product innovation, interpreting the benchmarking power of the industry leader.

Founded in September 2020, Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. has formed a vertically integrated product and service system with its own hydrogen fuel cell power stack as the core, including catalysts, proton exchange membranes, bipolar plates, membrane electrodes, power stacks, testing equipment and complete solutions for fuel cell laboratories.

In terms of R&D patents, through deep cultivation in the field of fuel cell reactor and its key material components, and fuel cell engine system solutions, Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. has formed 71 patents, including 46 invention patents and 25 utility model patents. It is one of the very few companies in the fuel cell field in China that has independent core intellectual property rights and has achieved batch production of fuel cell reactors.

Focusing on forward-looking technology and products, the 5-150kW full matrix hydrogen fuel cell reactor products launched by Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. have been widely used in various buses, trucks, logistics, forklifts, communications and other fields, and are expanding innovative applications of hydrogen energy in passenger cars and heavy trucks. The paper reactor plates developed by Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. will provide an even stronger performance advantage for the company's second generation fuel cell reactors. With its high strength, thin thickness, long life, light weight and low cost, this innovative paper reactor plate will become a strong competitor in the high power reactor market in the future.

Vision Senergy's paper stack electrode plates are as thin as 0.3mm and have excellent flexibility

In terms of cost control, Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. is promoting cost reduction through mass production technology, self-research of key components and localization of materials to improve the power density of fuel cell packs and meet the growing demand for higher performance and wider application. In addition, Xiongtao Hydro is also working closely with fuel cell system manufacturers to design lower hydrogen consumption operation solutions and has received initial validation. It is expected that in 2025, the company will launch its fifth generation fuel cell power stack, which will cost as low as around $500/kW.

The innovator is always strong, and the brand that is good at innovation will also continue to lead the industry to a new journey. In the future, Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to increase its R&D efforts, continuously improve its scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and promote the road to fuel cell commercialization.