Vision REVO Series makes Chilean data centres more efficient and stable

Jul 25, 2023

In recent years, thanks to reliable infrastructure, cutting-edge policies and plans to encourage the development of the Internet, in the field of data centres, Chile has attracted companies from all over the world to invest and join.

In the field of high-end data centres in South America, Vision has entered into a cooperation with a UPS top stream company and introduced Xiontao REVO lithium solution in a data centre in Chile in 2022. The perfect match between Xiongtao REVO and UPS successfully solved the space problem of the site, and the difficulty of operation and maintenance was greatly reduced. The low-carbon, high-efficiency and safe features of Lithium-ion from Vision further improve the performance and reliability of the data centre, helping the sustainable development in the digital era.

REVO series is a lithium battery system solution developed independently by Vision for all kinds of UPS, adopting self-developed high rate lithium iron phosphate cells and BMS management system, integrated remote cloud management system and built-in module-level fire protection, which is safe, reliable, green, efficient, simple and flexible, with a small footprint and long cycle life.

Vision REVO lithium series solutions
01 Ultra-high safety

LFP material system, no fire and no explosion, one-way explosion-proof valve is set on the top of the single cell, which opens the explosion-proof valve and disconnects the circuit in extreme conditions to ensure the safety of the system. Together with the built-in fire protection and external fuses, it builds up a safety triple-insurance.

02 Ultra-high multiplier

Excellent discharge performance

03 Intelligent

REVO cloud system, intelligent operation and maintenance, worry-free operation

04 Ultra Convenient

REVO modular rack design, ultra-convenient installation.

REVO series uses high-magnification LFP batteries independently developed and produced by Vision, with good consistency, long cycle life, excellent high-magnification discharge performance, safety and reliability, and no risk of fire or explosion.1C charging and discharging 80% cycle not less than 4000 times; maximum support 30C discharge. (Different core models, different maximum discharge rate)

Continuously practicing the concept of green and sustainable development, Vision will join hands with global partners to tap and expand the data centre application market as the core, dedicate itself to the deep cultivation of products and technologies, create greener and smarter products, and help more enterprises to embark on the road of green and high-quality development.