Vision Public Welfare: Vision Group carries out activities of helping students and respecting the elderly

Sep 30, 2021

Recently, in order to present the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and actively assume corporate social responsibilities, Shouzhong Yi, chairman of the labor union of Vision Group, and Dahua Li, general manager of Shenzhen Vision Lithium Battery Base, and their delegations provided charity materials worth nearly 100,000 yuan for Pengcheng Kindergarten, Central Primary School, Buxin Primary School, and Yingjie Kindergarten. , Experimental Kindergarten, Dapeng No. 2 Primary School and Dapeng Nursing Home.

The energetic figures of students flashed on the campus, and warm smiles bloomed on the immature faces. The representatives of Vision Group expressed that their hearts were touched. The significance of this charity is not limited to donations at the material level, but more importantly, to promote the good ethos of respecting teachers and education in the whole society, and to form a good atmosphere in which the whole society cares about and supports education.

In the nursing home, the representatives of Vision Group cordially greeted the elderly people and paid tribute to the hard-working staff in the nursing home. "Elderly care, filial piety, and respect for the elderly" are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. This charity donation activity is a show of love for the elderly friends in the nursing home, and it is also a manifestation of promoting the core values of socialism.

The president said excitedly, thank the caring enterprises for their care for the elderly in the nursing home. Your helping hand makes the elderly feel incomparable warmth.

Respecting the old and loving the young is a traditional virtue of society. Over the years, Vision has adhered to the road of public welfare, played a positive leading role and connected the love energy among enterprises, organizations and individuals. Moving forward with love and adding weight with responsibility , not only highly demonstrates Vision's corporate responsibility, but also practices and carries forward the socialist core values of "harmony and friendliness".

Serve the society and give back to love. Many years of charity activities are devoted to the great love of Vision Group. In the future, we will use our own innovative advantages to further focus on "carbon neutrality", inject elements of technology and innovation into public welfare, and influence more people and organizations to participate in it. Go with the development of the society, let love revolve, consolidate the achievements of public welfare activities and sustain healthy development.