Vision Lithium Battery realise a reliable communication network in East Africa

Aug 25, 2023

July - August every year, the migration of Kenyan animals to the Mara River, when the rapid flow, steep banks, crocodiles in the river, the bank of the lions are eyeing, waiting for "pick up", but the animals are still not afraid of obstacles to the other side of the river. Shocked by the primitive wildness of nature, tourists have to take photos to record, post to social networks or share with their close ones.

Although the magnificent scenery is mesmerising, the power supply and network connection in the Kenyan region are often affected by unstable factors, which brings troubles to the local telecom operators. At this critical moment, Vision Telecom Battery became their reliable partner, providing durable and reliable support for the communication network in Kenya.

Vision Communications V-LFP48 Series

As a leading company in the field of communication batteries, Vision Communication Battery has built a reliable reputation in East Africa with its high quality products and flexible and efficient management system. Aiming at 5G application and short time high current power backup environment, Vision introduces distributed base station outdoor batteries with integrated design and high protection level, which can be flexibly selected from pole-mounting or wall-mounting according to the site environment, providing high-quality uninterruptible power supply protection for signal coverage equipment in shopping malls, stations, airports, car parks, office buildings, etc., and ensuring the full coverage of communication signals.

Product Features

Intelligent charge/discharge management: SOC, SOH calculation based on intelligent learning, high-precision voltage, current and temperature detection;

Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, high and low temperature, short-circuit protection functions;

Four remote functions: telemetry, telecommunication, remote control, remote adjustment; support for parallel use of multiple batteries;

Intelligent design: optional gyroscope, GPS anti-theft, heating film (fire extinguisher) built-in fire module and other functions.

In the journey of the new era, the information and communication industry has become the main force in the development of digital economy. With years of deep ploughing in the field of backup power supply, Vision has a deep understanding of the application scenarios and product requirements of communication backup power supply, and provides users with comprehensive and systematic products and solutions by virtue of its industry-leading technological advantages.

Kenya as a tourist destination attracts a large number of tourists, and through its highly reliable technology and stable performance, Vision Communication Battery helps the communication network in East Africa to be stably connected, ensuring that tourists can share their adventure with the world while enjoying the prairie. Looking to the future, Vision will continue to dedicate itself to providing reliable battery solutions to global users and promoting the sustainable development of the information and communication industry.