Vision Hydrogen Weekly - Hydrogen energy could be an important topic for climate cooperation between China and Germany

Apr 6, 2022

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April 6, 2022

【Policy】Up to 20 million subsidies! Wuhan City Releases Opinions on Supporting the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry [WuZhengZhi (2022) No. 4

Recently, the Wuhan Municipal People's Government issued the "Opinions on Supporting the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Wuhan" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), which proposes to follow the frontier of global hydrogen energy industry development and build a Chinese hydrogen energy hub city with synergistic development of innovation and research, equipment manufacturing and demonstration application, with technology breakthrough and industry cultivation as the main lines.

The policy has the following ten highlights:
1. Emphasis on the demonstration and application of hydrogen energy replacement in industrial areas
2. Guiding the gathering of hydrogen energy enterprises and improving the efficiency of project approval
3. High financial support for local enterprises in Wuhan
4. Innovative financing lease model
5. Explore hydrogen production projects in non-chemical parks
6. Clarify the proportion of oil-hydrogen joint construction stations
7. Break through the restrictions on the location of hydrogen refuelling stations
8. Promote the construction of integrated hydrogen production and hydrogen refuelling stations
9. Granting financial incentives of 200,000 RMB/cent
10.Relaxing the right of way for fuel cell trucks
Information source: Wuhan Municipal People's Government

【Policy】Beijing Releases 14th Five-Year Energy Plan: By 2025, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tractors and Trucks to Replace About 4,400 Fuel Cars

On April 1, the Beijing Municipal People's Government released the "Beijing Energy Development Plan for the 14th Five-Year Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan").

Around the field of hydrogen energy, the plan proposes: "Focus on promoting the technological progress and industrial scale and commercialization of the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cells, and accelerate the research and development of key technological innovations such as hydrogen preparation (manufacturing) storage and transportation refilling, hydrogen fuel cell equipment and system integration. Take advantage of the demonstration effect of a series of major events such as the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games to accelerate the construction of hydrogen energy infrastructure and the large-scale demonstration application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Explore the application of hydrogen energy in transportation, power generation, heat supply and other areas for full-scale demonstration and promotion. Explore key technologies such as ammonia fuel cells and ammonia energy engines, and promote methanol-to-hydrogen fuel cell technology research and application of results."

In terms of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure construction and the promotion of hydrogen vehicles, the plan proposes: "Pilot the construction of 'oil, gas, hydrogen, electricity and service' integrated energy demonstration stations and actively promote the demonstration application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. By 2025, hydrogen fuel cell tractors and lorries will replace about 4,400 fuel vehicles. Adjust the transportation energy structure. Develop an implementation plan for the promotion of new energy vehicles, vigorously promote the "oil-for-electricity" conversion of motor vehicles, and promote the large-scale application of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. The promotion of new energy vehicles in key areas such as the Beijing Sub-centre, the Capital International Airport and the Beijing Daxing International Airport will be stepped up.

Source: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Network

【Policy】Sichuan: Jointly develop fuel cell vehicle industry with Chongqing, strive to enter the second batch of fuel cell vehicle demonstration group

A few days ago, the official website of the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Department released the "New Energy and Intelligent Vehicle Industry 2022 Annual Work Plan".

The programme proposes to further deepen the complementary cooperation with Chongqing, jointly build and share the "hydrogen corridor", "electricity corridor" and "intelligent corridor" of Chengdu and Chongqing, implement the "Electric Sichuan" action plan, vigorously develop the power battery industry and increase the demonstration application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Electric Sichuan" action plan, vigorously develop the power cell industry, increase the demonstration application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles; jointly promote the development of hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle industry with Chongqing, and dock with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration and other ministries and commissions, and make every effort to enter the second batch of national fuel cell vehicle demonstration range.

Information source: Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Department

【Industry】 Hino Hydrogen Heavy Trucks to Participate in California Port Hydrogen Fuel Vehicle Demonstration Run with Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hino hydrogen heavy trucks to participate in hydrogen fuel vehicle demonstration at California ports. On 5 April local time, Hino announced that it has been awarded a NEDO grant to promote its hydrogen fuel cell trucks and technology.

Hino, Mitsui and Toyota Tsusho are said to be focusing on advanced hydrogen fuel cell truck technology in this project. Together, their teams intend to demonstrate how these vehicles can operate with a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell system unit in a typical daily voyage in and around the California port area.

Information source: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Network

【Industry】 Who will be the big winner of the order for 50 49-ton hydrogen heavy trucks in Jiaxing at a unit price of 1.5 million yuan per truck?

(hereinafter referred to as "Jiaxing Hydrogen Energy Company") has recently issued a tender announcement for the procurement and leasing of 49-ton fuel cell standard-load tractors in 2022.

According to the tender information, Jiaxing Hydrogen Energy Company intends to procure 50 49-ton fuel-cell lorry tractors at a unit price of RMB 1.5 million per vehicle, for a total amount of RMB 75 million. The 50 vehicles to be procured will be leased for operation for a period of 5 years at a monthly rental of RMB 8,300/month/vehicle, for a total amount of RMB 24.9 million.
At the same time, the tender requires the consortium bid to be composed of no more than 2 independent enterprise legal persons with corresponding qualifications, and the lead party of the consortium needs to be the vehicle leasing operation unit, with "road transport operation license", the permitted scope of operation includes freight transport.

Information source: Potential Silver Energy Chain

【News】 China is an indispensable partner for Germany and Europe in this matter

Recently China News Network hosted a "East-West Question - Sino-German Climate Dialogue", co-organised by the German Federal Economic Development and Foreign Trade Federation.
Excerpts from the dialogue are as follows.  
Hydrogen energy can be an important topic for Sino-German climate cooperation

Friedrich: There are two major transformation processes in the first fifty years of this century, namely digitalisation and carbon neutrality. China and Germany should and must work closely together to enable all of humanity to make progress on these two issues. The EU has an ambitious target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, while China has a target of 2060 and other very ambitious targets. If we want to achieve these goals, we need to switch now, as soon as possible and as much as possible, to energy sources that do not release carbon dioxide, such as electricity and hydrogen. Hydrogen energy has the great advantage that it is not bound by pipelines, can be produced, stored and transported anywhere in the world and is considered in many countries to be the secret weapon in the fight against climate change.

Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of hydrogen research and has a large number of patents, while China has a huge market space and potential to promote cooperation in hydrogen energy, which would be beneficial for the economic development of both countries. We must advance the German-Chinese climate dialogue at all levels.
Information source: International Online

【Policy】Shandong: Accelerate the development of hydrogen energy industry, formulate and introduce provincial-level hydrogen refueling station construction approval management measures

On April 1, Shandong Provincial Government Press Office held a press conference to explain the "Shandong Province 2022 "steady progress" high-quality development policy list (the second batch)", Deng Zhaojun replied to reporters that Shandong Province will accelerate the development of hydrogen energy industry. To support the high-quality development of hydrogen energy industry, it will formulate and introduce provincial-level hydrogen refueling station construction approval and management measures, unify and standardize the approval, construction and acceptance standards of hydrogen refueling stations; actively explore the pilot projects of renewable energy hydrogen production and hydrogen refueling stations that are not developed in chemical parks and are not subject to the restriction of fixed investment of not less than 300 million yuan, so as to activate the development potential of hydrogen energy industry. The development potential of the hydrogen energy industry will be activated.

Information source: People's Government of Shandong Province

【Policy】Including hydrogen for fuel cells, the General Administration of Market Regulation approved the release of a number of important national standard substances

Recently, the General Administration of Market Regulation centrally released 345 newly approved national level standard substances and 1,774 national level 2 standard substances in 2021, involving food safety, agricultural production, public health, new energy and many other fields, providing solid measurement technology support for high-quality economic and social development.

Focusing on new needs and providing "new energy" for new energy sources. The fuel cell is a device that converts the chemical energy of hydrogen directly into electricity, with high conversion efficiency and zero emissions. The quality of hydrogen gas, the energy source of a hydrogen fuel cell, affects the performance and lifetime of a hydrogen fuel cell. The success of the research on hydrogen as the base gas series of standard substances, such as carbon dioxide gas standard substances in hydrogen, has solved the problem of impurity interference in the base gas and provided a traceable and highly accurate reference standard for domestic hydrogen quality laboratory testing and method development, and also contributed to the rapid and healthy development of China's hydrogen-fuelled vehicles, energy saving and emission reduction, and the service of "Carbon Dafeng". It also provides a technical guarantee for the rapid and healthy development of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles in China, energy saving and emission reduction, and the service of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral".

Information source: State Administration of Market Regulation