Vision Hydrogen patent introduction | A fuel cell bipolar plate and its preparation method

Jul 12, 2022

As a hydrogen fuel cell high-tech company,Shenzhen Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd. has always taken scientific and technological innovation as the company's top priority. The achievements of scientific and technological innovation are not only the crystallization of our R&D staff's efforts, but also the demonstration of our innovative strength, which can continuously enhance our core competitiveness.

Patent protection means that after the patent right has been granted, the invention shall not be commercially manufactured, used, licensed, sold or imported without the consent of the patentee. A patent is a strong protection for the achievements of scientific and technological innovation. The following is the introduction of our patent for the invention of a fuel cell bipolar plate and its preparation method.

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A fuel cell bipolar plate and its preparation method

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The present application relates to a fuel cell bipolar plate and a method for preparing it, which belongs to the technical field of fuel cells.

The preparation method comprises the following steps.

Step S01: mixing graphite and resin powder under vacuum and stirring well at 40 to 50°C to obtain a semi-finished product; in terms of 100 parts by mass of said semi-finished product, 97 to 98 parts by mass of said graphite and 2 to 3 parts by mass of said resin powder.

Step S02: heating the semi-finished product in step S01 to 80 to 150°C and continuing the reaction for 5 to 10 min to obtain a paste.

Step S03: reduce the paste of step S02 to room temperature, and then 3D print said paste at 30 to 90°C according to the drawing of the fuel cell bipolar plate to obtain the fuel cell bipolar plate.

The method of this application is simple to operate, has low production cost and short preparation time; the produced fuel cell bipolar plate can meet the requirements of fuel cell bipolar plate.

The acquisition of patent certificates not only helps to improve the intellectual property protection system, but also gives full play to the company's independent intellectual property rights, and enhances its core competitiveness. Patents are also generally used as an important indicator in the listing of enterprises and other assessments of enterprises, and as a bridge for the marketisation of scientific research results.

Patents change a company from the inside out, from improving the efficiency of the company to occupying the market and winning over consumers, and then to gaining economic benefits. The role of patents is essential for the long-term development of the enterprise. On the basis of obtaining the existing patents, our company will accelerate scientific and technological innovation, promote the transformation of achievements and continuously enhance the influence of our brand.