Vision hydrogen battery make heavy trucks easy to run

Sep 15, 2022

The hydrogen fuel cell is a power generation device that converts the chemical energy of hydrogen and oxygen directly into electrical energy, and its emissions are only water, which does not pollute the environment. Compared to rechargeable new energy vehicles, hydrogen vehicles also have the advantage of fast energy replenishment and long range. A 60 kW sweeper, for example, takes only 10 minutes to fill up its hydrogen tank and is capable of a range of 400 km, regardless of the season and weather. However, due to factors such as the hydrogen storage and transportation system, the layout of hydrogen refuelling stations and the manufacturing cost of fuel cells, hydrogen fuel cells are mainly used in buses, sanitation vehicles and trucks, and are difficult to popularise in the field of civilian small cars.

Recently, Wuhan HydraV Fuel Cell Tech. Co., Ltd. (One of the Vision Group's subsidiaries)was interviewed by a reporter from Hubei Daily. More than 4,300 enterprises have been awarded the "Fourth Batch of National Specialized and New "Small Giant" Enterprises", and 158 of them have been selected in Wuhan, the highest number ever. As a Wuhan "Small Giant" enterprise, Wuhan HydraV Fuel Cell will continue to innovate, strive for development, and inject continuous vitality for Wuhan's economic take-off.

Hubei Daily (All Media Reporter Yang Ran) On September 1, a reporter from Hubei Daily visited this enterprise, which has just been shortlisted as a national "small giant", and explored the mystery of hydrogen fuel cell.

Inside the factory, technicians were assembling a 130-kilowatt hydrogen fuel cell engine system. "This is the most powerful product we have ever produced and is mainly used in 49-ton heavy-duty trucks." The person in charge of Vision HydraV Fuel Cell introduced. "The volume of this hydrogen fuel cell engine system is less than 0.5 cubic metres, but it can drive 49-tonne heavy trucks, mainly due to the improvement of the energy density of the battery. Since it went into production in 2018, the energy density of the hydrogen fuel cells we have developed and produced has increased by 30%, and the energy density of the battery of the 130 kW product can reach 630 kW/m3. It only takes 220 kg of hydrogen fuel cells to burst out 130 kW of power to drive a heavy truck Mercedes."

"Currently hydrogen vehicles and new energy electric vehicles are not in direct competition, but a complementary one, each of them has application scenarios that they are good at." The head of Vision HydraV Fuel Cell said that miniaturisation and long life are the direction of hydrogen fuel cell development. "Miniaturisation" is to continuously improve the energy density of the battery through technological innovation, while "long life" is to improve the durability of the battery. At present, the hydrogen fuel cells produced by Vision HydraV Fuel Cell can guarantee 20,000 hours of normal use, basically achieving the same life as the vehicle.

Recently, Wuhan has launched 16 policies to support the development of hydrogen energy industry, with technological breakthroughs and industrial cultivation as the main lines, to build a Chinese hydrogen energy hub city with synergistic development of innovation and research, equipment manufacturing and demonstration application. By 2025, the annual business revenue of the whole industry chain will reach 50 billion yuan, the number of regulated enterprises will reach 100, the promotion volume of fuel cell vehicles in the city will reach 3,000, and 35 hydrogen refuelling stations will be built above. "The introduction of these policies has boosted our confidence in development and enhanced our competitiveness in the industry." The person in charge of Vision HydraV Fuel Cell said. It is reported that the Vision battery New Energy Headquarters project has been launched in Wuhan Economic Development Zone Modern Service Industry Park, with a total investment of about 400 million yuan, and is scheduled to be put into operation in the second half of 2024, mainly engaged in the research and development, testing, display and sales of hydrogen energy-related products and new products.