Vision Hydrogen at FCVC2023

Jul 7, 2023

The FCVC 2023 International Conference and Exhibition on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles - Technology Exhibition was held in Shanghai from July 5-7. Vision Hydrogen Energy brought along its fuel systems and solutions to discuss the healthy integration of hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle technology with industry scholars and experts, and continue to lead the development of the industry with technological innovation.

Green and sustainable development has become a global consensus, carbon neutrality is driving the deepening of the energy revolution, and green mobility and other fields are seeing huge development opportunities. Vision Hydrogen Energy is committed to the field of hydrogen fuel cells, relying on rich technical experience and top core products to help customers achieve low-carbon transformation and inject a source of power for the development of the industry.

Exhibit - Extreme Hybrid Series 130

Hybrid Expro130

The Extreme Hybrid 130 is a highly integrated and efficient engine system developed in-house and 100% domestically produced, featuring fast response, high reliability, long life and low hydrogen consumption. The integrated parts and components are designed for a system power density of over 700w/L. The hydrogen circuit circulation system with proportional valve and inducer reduces hydrogen consumption by 5%.

The Ultimate Hybrid 130 uses a high rate lithium battery and fuel cell in parallel to form a hydrogen-lithium combination system, which optimises the system operation strategy by levelling the peaks and filling the valleys with the lithium battery, and keeps the fuel power at the optimal working condition with stable output, achieving a system efficiency of 60% and reducing hydrogen consumption by 30%. The hydrogen consumption of the combined hydrogen-lithium bus can be reduced from 4.15kg to 2.8kg per 100km.

Exhibit-Reversible Hydrogen Oxygen Fuel Cell


VISRF-Y is a self-developed integrated reversible fuel cell power stack, which can switch between fuel cell and electrolytic water hydrogen production modes. The product is used for applications such as back-up power supply, and can be used with various hydrogen storage solutions to complete the production and storage of hydrogen, and switch to fuel cell mode for power generation functions, truly achieving unmanned maintenance and no fuel supply.

Exhibit - Paper Power Stack

CBPP Stack

The P series stack - paper stack - is a ground-breaking hydrogen fuel cell stack developed in-house. The paper electrode plate in the paper stack uses the world's first carbon fibre one-piece forming technology, which perfectly combines the long life of graphite electrode plates with the ultra-thin size of metal electrode plates, with a life time of 60,000 hours and a thickness as low as 0.2mm. The mass power density of the stack reaches 5.0kW/kg, far exceeding that of metal and graphite plates. Combined with a unique flow field design and advanced single-cell module technology, it achieves the advantages of low cost, high energy density, long life and high compatibility. The single stack power of the paper stack can reach 150kW-200kW and is suitable for multi-dimensional scenarios such as sanitation vehicles, logistics light trucks and heavy trucks.

FCVC 2023 is co-organised by the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineering and the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association. With an exhibition area of 20,000 sq. ft. and 300 overseas domestic exhibitors and brands with new products and technologies, FCVC 2023 will be held at the exhibition.

Starting from hydrogen, arriving safely, Vision Hydrogen Energy has always been committed to promoting the application and popularity of hydrogen energy technology. As an important representative of new energy vehicles, Vision Hydrogen team will rely on its rich project experience, continuously improve its scientific and technological innovation capability, further accelerate the breakthrough of key core technologies of fuel cells, and contribute more power to the construction of a strong automotive nation.