Vision HydraV Team attended Wuhan 2023 Sanitation Equipment Application Scenario Observation Meeting

Apr 18, 2023

From April 12 to 14, the 2023 Annual Sanitation Equipment Application Scene Observation Meeting hosted by Wuhan Urban Management and Law Enforcement Commission was successfully held, and Vision HydraV Team was invited to attend this event as a representative enterprise of hydrogen energy.

The 18T sanitation truck equipped with Vision HydraV Team fuel cell engine system made a stunning and highly visible appearance at the conference. The sanitation truck is used for urban road sweeping and washing, and has already operated 260km.

The Vision Hydrogen Team VISTAH-60A fuel cell engine has been widely used in the bus and sanitation field, including: 17 sets of 8.5m buses and 13 sets of 8.2m commuter vehicles in Jingshan City, 9 sets of 18T sanitation vehicles in Guangzhou City, 4 sets of 18T sanitation vehicles in Qingdao Desian and 5 sets of 18T sanitation vehicles in Wuhan City, with a total operating mileage of 8 million kilometres.