Vision HydraV Heng won the supporting order of Guangzhou hydrogen sanitation vehicle

Aug 18, 2021

On August 16, 2021, the Fulongma 18 ton fuel cell sprinkler supported by Guangzhou Vision HydraV Heng successfully won the bid for the 2020 environmental sanitation equipment procurement project in Huangpu District, Guangzhou! This model is listed in the fifth batch of catalogue of recommended models for promotion and application of new energy vehicles issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2021. The fuel cell system is supported by Guangzhou Vision HydraV Heng, with a rated power of 60.5kw.

Guangzhou Vision HydraV Heng was established in July 2019 and jointly invested by Shenzhen Vision HydraV fuel cell Co., Ltd. and HengYun Enterprise. The two major shareholders accounted for 72.5% and 27.5% of the shares respectively. The company's main business is the production of hydrogen fuel cell stacks and engine systems.

At present, Guangzhou Vision HydraV Heng owns the first automatic hydrogen fuel cell engine system production line in Guangzhou, and has signed a cooperation agreement with regional industrial chain enterprises to jointly open up the fuel cell industry chain in Guangzhou and help the construction of hydrogen energy industry in Greater Bay Area. This time, Vision HydraV Heng was able to win the supporting order of hydrogen sprinkler, thanks to the strong support of local policies.

According to the “Guangzhou hydrogen energy industry development plan (2019-2030) “released by Guangzhou on July 30 last year. By 2022, fuel cell vehicles will account for no less than 10% of the new and replaced vehicles in the field of environmental sanitation in Guangzhou; The demonstration operation of fuel cell vehicles in public transport, logistics, engineering services, warehousing, ports and other fields shall not be less than 3000, and the output value of hydrogen energy industry is expected to be more than 20 billion yuan. The hydrogen fuel cell sanitation vehicle has taken the lead in setting sail in Guangzhou. With the first mover advantage of the early layout, the development prospect of Vision HydraV Heng is worth looking forward to.