Vision HydraV Heng supporting: 24 hydrogen sanitation vehicles "on duty" in Huangpu, Guangzhou

Aug 9, 2022

On August 8, 2022, 24 hydrogen fuel cell water sprinklers left the Xinhai Energy Lianxin Hydrogen Refuelling Station in Guangzhou and started their first day of low-carbon work. These hydrogen vehicles are supported by Guangzhou HydraV Heng Tech Co., Ltd. (Vision HydraV Heng), and are mainly responsible for sanitation and cleaning work such as washing and sweeping the road surface of the main arterial roads in Huangpu District.

It is understood that the 18-ton hydrogen sanitation sprinkler truck is equipped with a 60kW fuel cell engine, independently developed by Vision HydraV Heng, with a volume power ratio of 410W/L and a mass power ratio of 405W/kg. The design life is over 20,000 hours.

At the launch event of the first batch of hydrogen sanitation vehicles in Guangzhou and the official commissioning of the Xinhai Energy Lianxin hydrogen refuelling station, Ji Fan Ting, Vice President of Vision Group and Chairman of Vision HydraV Heng, was interviewed by the media. He said: Compared with pure electric sanitation vehicles, hydrogen sanitation vehicles can be filled with hydrogen in just 4-8 minutes and can operate continuously; the fuel cell engine has high specific energy, high power density and long range; the energy conversion efficiency is high, with the highest efficiency reaching 60%; it has lower temperature resistance performance and can provide timely sanitation operation in winter to guarantee power. In addition, it has obvious environmental advantages, as hydrogen energy burning produces only water at the end, which can achieve zero pollution.

At present, Vision HydraV Heng Company has jointly operated Guangzhou's first hydrogen bus demonstration line 388 with Guangzhou Bus Group, with a total run of nearly 2.8 million kilometres and a total hydrogen refuelling volume of over 100 tonnes, reducing CO2 emissions by nearly 2,000 tonnes. According to the report, the company will also launch 500 hydrogen cold chain vehicles into the logistics field.

Vision Hydrogen has completed the layout of key links in the hydrogen energy industry chain, such as hydrogen production, membrane electrodes, fuel cell power stack, fuel cell engine system and vehicle operation. At the same time, the company has already invested in research and development in various fields such as low platinum-carrying catalysts, membrane electrodes and aluminium hydrogen production, and has achieved milestones.

In the future, Vision Hydrogen Energy will cooperate with more industry chain partners to carry out breakthroughs in hydrogen energy core technology innovation, explore the path of hydrogen energy technology commercialization, and help the industry develop in a healthy and sustainable manner.