Vision HydraV Heng|Foshan Gaoming's 20 hydrogen buses are officially put into operation to help the construction of "China Hydrogen City"

Apr 9, 2021

On April 1, 2021, 20 Zhongtong hydrogen buses equipped with the hydrogen fuel cell engine system supported by Guangzhou Vision HydraV Heng were officially put into operation. The hydrogen buses put into operation this time are respectively operated in Gaoming bus line 507 and 522.

This batch of buses was delivered in February 2021 and operated by Foshan Gaoming District hydrogen Yu bus passenger transport Co., Ltd. the hydrogen filling time is less than 15 minutes and the driving range can reach 350 km. It has the advantages of short filling time, long driving range, safety and efficiency, low noise, environmental protection and no pollution.

Operation and maintenance team ensures smooth operation of vehicles

Before the vehicle is put into operation, the after-sales director of Vision HydraV Heng conducted comprehensive training for vehicle drivers to ensure the smooth operation of the vehicle; the supporting big data operation and maintenance platform also monitors the vehicle operation in real time, providing Foshan citizens with safer, more environmental protection and more intimate green and low-carbon public transportation travel services.

The person in charge of after-sales trains the drivers

Supporting real-time monitoring big data operation and maintenance platform

In recent years, Gaoming District of Foshan City has accelerated the layout and promoted the development of hydrogen energy industry, gradually built and improved the industrial chain of "production-storage -transportation-filling-utilization" of hydrogen energy, focused on promoting the projects of hydrogen energy supply system, fuel cell vehicle and hydrogen related equipment manufacturing covering Foshan City, built the airport hydrogen energy industrial park and the world's first hub airport characterized by hydrogen energy application, and built an international first-class "hydrogen energy rail transit equipment manufacturing base" and "hydrogen energy airport demonstration area" .

By 2030, Gaoming District of Foshan will promote the application of hydrogen energy with 220 buses and more than 20 cruise ships. Through the fuel cell engine system with independent intellectual property rights and strong operation and maintenance guarantee, Vision HydraV Heng will help Gaoming District build a "China hydrogen city" and become a domestic leading and internationally influential demonstration area for the development of hydrogen energy industry.