Vision HydraV Heng 31t fuel cell muck truck officially rolled off the production line, environmental protection "zero emission" throughout its life cycle

Feb 3, 2021

Recently, the 31t fuel cell muck trucks developed by Guangzhou Vision HydraV Heng has officially roll off the production line. The trucks will be used in the trial operation of the first batch of 500 hydrogen fuel cell muck trucks in Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone. This will be another important measure for Huangpu District of Guangzhou to strengthen the construction of new energy comprehensive utilization demonstration zone and deepen the establishment of national ecological civilization construction demonstration zone.

Guangzhou Huangpu Development Zone will launch 31t hydrogen energy muck trucks in two batches in 2021, with 200 and 300 vehicles respectively.

The vehicle is the Hualing Star HN3310B36C7FCEV fuel cell dump truck, which can be used for the transportation of construction waste. It is equipped with a 90kw fuel cell engine of Vision HydraV Heng, and the maximum speed is 85km / h. This model of vehicle has successfully entered 339 batches of recommended catalogue of MIIT.

The hydrogen fuel cell muck truck has high sealing performance. The cover plate installed on the vehicle is a swing arm type fully enclosed cover plate, which can effectively control the leakage of residual mud and dust pollution; the hydrogenation time is short, and it only takes 8-15 minutes for one hydrogen charge ; Long cruising range, a hydrogen charge can travel more than 400 kilometers; high efficiency, environmental protection "zero emission" throughout the life cycle, will effectively solve the environmental pollution problem caused by fuel muck trucks.