Vision HydraV Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. VISTAH-80A engine successfully passed the national strong inspection

Aug 1, 2022

Recently, Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology Co., Ltd.'s independently developed 135-piece double stack Xiongtao Hydrogen Rui VISTAH-80A system and domestic core components such as air compressor and reflux pump have successfully passed the inspection of the national testing agency CACR in one go and obtained strong inspection certification.

The project took more than 4 months from project inception to experimental verification, through the process of integrated design, control strategy, system simulation, component verification, performance testing, process optimization, engine announcement, etc. During the announcement period, the one-hour forced power test was stable at 80-82kW.

The fuel cell engine has undergone quality inspection, gas tightness test, performance test, power rating test and other strict tests, all test results are in line with the national "GB/T 24554-2009 Fuel Cell Engine Performance Test Methods", "Test Methods for Power Cells and Fuel Cells Related Technical Indicators (for Trial Implementation)" and "GB/T 33978-2017 Proton Fuel Cell Module for Road Vehicles The product has been certified by the National Automobile Inspection Center and passed the mandatory inspection report.

At present, the Vision HydraV VISTAH independent engine series has covered the power range of 60kW~80kW and is widely used in the fields of public transport, sanitation and heavy trucks.

The successful certification of the national strong inspection is a strong manifestation of the main line of "product quality", which provides a strong technical guarantee in the market competition.

In the future, Vision HydraV will devote itself to the research and development of cost-effective, efficient and reliable fuel cell series products to achieve differentiated applications in industrial, transportation, power and construction fields and promote the healthy development of the industry.