Vision HydraV Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. comes to colorful Zhangye to help the development of hydrogen energy industry in Northwest China

Jan 12, 2023

Recently, 10 hydrogen buses supported by Vision HydraV Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. were put into use in Zhangye. This batch of hydrogen buses will undertake the city's passenger transport, Danxia Grand Scenic Area direct, scenic area ferrying and other transport tasks, playing its own green and low-carbon advantages, guarding Zhangye's magnificent natural ecological beauty.

The hydrogen buses in operation are equipped with the Vision HydraV Fuel Cell VISTAH series fuel cell system and Vision Senergy Fuel Cell Technology power stack, which have performance characteristics such as long life, high power density, stable and efficient power output, and can operate in a low temperature environment of -30°C. They are undaunted even when shuttling through the snowy landscape of Zhangye.

In January this year, the "General Office of Gansu Provincial People's Government on the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") was released. The Opinions clarify that by 2025, the innovation capacity of hydrogen energy industry will be significantly improved, the construction of infrastructure will be accelerated, the demonstration of diversified application scenarios will be realized, and the development pattern of hydrogen energy industry with scale and efficiency will be initially formed.

With the support of relevant policies, Vision HydraV Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. will innovate the energy form with technology, embrace the double carbon strategy, maintain the colorful Zhangye, and help the development of hydrogen energy industry in the northwest.