Vision HydraV: cooperate with authoritative scientific research institutions and universities to build domestic top fuel cell products

Aug 16, 2021

In recent years, with the expansion of the promotion scale of domestic fuel cell vehicles, the market requirements for fuel cell technology have also increased rapidly.

The control module and its technical level of fuel cell system is one of the keys to measure the technical strength of a fuel cell enterprise. As a leading enterprise in the fuel cell industry, Vision HydraV cooperates with a number of authoritative scientific research institutions and well-known universities to develop top fuel cell control technology, innovate hydrogen recycling system, and strive to build top fuel cell products in China.

Top fuel cell control technology

As early as 2019, Shanghai Vision HydraV and Tongji University established Tongji joint laboratory to carry out industry university research cooperation in the forward-looking application of fuel cells and complete the development of fuel cell engine system, fuel cell integrated controller (version 1.0) and other products.

Vision HydraV R & D personnel: "the version 1.0 fuel cell integrated controller previously developed by us and Tongji University has been applied to some models. Considering the needs of mass promotion of fuel cells in the future, the upgraded version 2.0 is being jointly developed. This modular product design has lower cost, higher reliability and smaller volume. After the achievements are transformed, they can not only be used internally, but also be sold externally. "

The above joint R & D products have been adopted in 240 fuel cell vehicles widely operated in Shanghai, Datong, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Jingshan and Yangquan, and in 70 fuel cell cars (commercial vehicles) supporting Qingdao automobile enterprises by Vision HydraV, which has produced a good demonstration effect.

Now, xVision HydraV and Tongji University continue to improve the technical level of relevant products. It is expected that the fuel cell engine system with new technology will have simpler structure, higher reliability, longer service life and higher economic benefits; Big data enables product performance. The control algorithm adopted can accurately control the pressure, flow and operating humidity of the fuel cell system, and intelligently adjust the output power according to the vehicle operating power demand; The supporting vehicles adopt the customer digital direct hydrogen energy supply maintenance system to monitor the system operation status in real time and provide the best solution for vehicle operation.

Innovation of hydrogen recovery and utilization system

Not long before Shanghai Vision HydraV application for the project received support funds, Wuhan Vision HydraV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vision Group, and Wuhan University of Technology completed the achievement transformation contract on the project of "hydrogen injector for recycling anode tail hydrogen of high-efficiency fuel cell engine".

The project aims to realize the integrated design and control of drainage and injection. The hydrogen injector will be technically improved on the basis of the ejector, which can achieve the best reflux ratio under different working conditions and obtain the highest utilization efficiency of tail hydrogen. At the same time, the hydrogen inlet humidification can be adjusted, the requirements for the humidification system can be reduced, and the working efficiency and economy of the fuel cell system can be greatly improved, so as to improve the hydrogen utilization and humidification.

At present, Wuhan Vision HydraV has designed and analyzed the "hydrogen injector for recycling anode tail hydrogen of high efficiency fuel cell engine", and has completed 3D data modeling and fluid simulation verification. Vision HydraV plans to spend half a year on product calibration to ensure the maximization of tail hydrogen recovery and utilization, and strive to apply it in batches to Vision HydraV's mature products within 3 years.

Vision HydraV’s personnel: "our team is the first team in China to put forward the concept of powertrain control unit (PCU), and is also striving to achieve deep integration of control units in the field of fuel cells. In the future, we will integrate hydrogen injection control and fuel cell integrated controller into one unit, and make some adjustments in the executive structure to realize the function. "

Vision HydraV is committed to the field of hydrogen fuel cells. In the future, we will continue to develop and provide the world's top engine products and stack products for the energy industry through technological innovation and continuous operation.