VISION GROUP was rated as " 2011 Shenzhen Model Enterprise of Safety Cultural Construction"

Jun 21, 2012
On 1 June, 2012, Vision Group was honorably rated as "Model Enterprise of Safety Cultural Construction in Longgang District" and " Shenzhen Model Enterprise of Safety Cultural Construction".
Since in 2007, we have developed different activities to build a "Model Enterprise of Safety Cultural Construction". Organizing contests and safety education party to spread the knowledge about enterprise safety cultural construction,inviting the doctor from Shenzhen Occupational Disease Prevention Hospital to give out some health trainings to our staffs,Organizing a series of activities such as fire drill、Leakage of hazardous chemicals drill,from these activities,we greatly improved the management level of administrators and strengthen the thinking of staffs about the production safety and occupational health, which created a good cultural atmosphere of production safety and occupational health in VISION GROUP.

With many years development,"production Safety and occupational health management" is always the soul of VISION GROUP safety cultural construction and the core value of VISION GROUP management. Being guided by the idea of "production safety and occupational health management", the whole group works together to implement the responsibility of safety production,well establish the safety production and occupational health management system, popularize the safety production education, regulate the accident threat,abide by the safety production rules and invest more in the production safety to realize the steady improvement of production condition.

We will continuously stick to the idea of "Production Safety and Occupational Health Management", carrying out the safety cultural construction,to provide a safe security for the continuously development of VISION GROUP, and become the model enterprise in industry.