Vision Group was invited to attend the first Science and Technology Innovation Conference

May 20, 2021

From May 13 to 14, 2021, Beijing, China, the first International Internet Industry Science and Technology Innovation Conference and Internet innovative products exhibition was grandly opened. Vision Group was invited to attend the meeting, and gathered with experts and leaders of various ministries and commissions, industry tycoons, Huawei, Alibaba and other enterprise leaders to exchange and discuss the application and development of internet data center industry in different scenarios such as financial technology, intelligent operation and maintenance, new infrastructure, big data, cloud computing, carbon neutral, green energy conservation, etc.

On the day of the meeting, Tianlong He, vice president of Vision Group and general manager of UPS BU, delivered a keynote speech entitled "lithium battery system: the future of data center battery system" in combination with the current hot topic of battery system.

By introducing the Revo series lithium battery system of Vision Group, Tianlong He analyzed and demonstrated the feasibility and superiority of LiFePO4 battery in the field of data center from the perspectives of performance, safety and TCO, so as to protect the safe use of data center.

Revo is known as "the best solution for UPS" by the industry because Vision considers the whole chain from hardware to software, from early system supporting to later maintenance, and solves the application pain point. The features of Revo series are: intelligent, modular and green. Because the LFP lithium iron phosphate high rate cell developed independently is adopted, it has unique advantages in cost, performance, life and safety.

Ultra high safety: LFP material system, no fire and no explosion, one-way explosion-proof valve is set on the top of the single cell, the explosion-proof valve is opened in extreme cases, and the circuit is disconnected to ensure the safety of the system. In addition, built-in fire protection and external fuse are used to build three kinds of safety insurance.

Ultra high rate: excellent rate discharge performance

Ultra high intelligence: Revo cloud system, intelligent operation and maintenance,

Super convenient: Revo adopts modular rack design, which makes installation super convenient.

At the round table dialogue, Mr. He Tianlong, once again made a wonderful sharing:

With the rapid development of data center, the requirements for space limitation and high efficiency operation are higher and higher. After extensive market research in data center, we think that UPS system has six pain points: difficult installation, large space occupation, poor environmental tolerance, poor monitoring system intelligence, short life, and potential gas precipitation. The Revo, which is independently developed by Vision Group, has a small volume, long cycle life, and is equipped with intelligent BMS battery management system, which is high safety, high environmental protection and convenient installation. It can help the data center to complete the deployment of elastic architecture.

At the award ceremony, Vision Group was awarded the honor of "top 10 battery brands in the industry" by the organizer for its outstanding contributions in lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.

Vision lithium battery series has a strict automatic detection system, and its products must pass 9 kinds of safety tests, such as operating environment, charging and discharging limit parameters. Since its inception, there has never been a safety accident or incident at home and abroad. In the future, Vision Group will continue to innovate based on its strong R & D and production capacity to help users build a new generation of data center that is more intelligent, greener and safer.

Revo lithium battery series has long cycle life, small volume, and its safety performance is one level higher than that of NCM. Its whole life cycle management can provide intelligent data service. It perfectly solves the problems of high replacement cost and difficult expansion of data center.

In the process of energy storage battery development, Vision Group has been a "leader, practitioner and promoter" of the industry by deeply cultivating lead-acid, innovating lithium battery and looking forward to hydrogen energy.

Vision Group will work hand in hand with customers and partners to continuously cultivate and develop, and create an open, cooperative and win-win prosperous ecosystem. Towards the goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutral" in the new era, work together to create brilliant!