Vision Group was invited to attend the 2022 China (Guangdong - Dongguan) International Forum on Battery New Energy Industry

Sep 2, 2022

On 30-31 August, ABEC | 2022 China (Guangdong-Dongguan) International Forum on Battery New Energy Industry was held by the People's Government of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province and the organising committee of ABEC (Battery Davos). Outstanding entrepreneurs, experts and fund investors from home and abroad gathered together to exchange ideas, collide wisdom and share new opportunities in the double carbon industry around hot topics.

Dr. Zhang Zhen from Vision Group's Central Research Institute was invited to attend the event and delivered a keynote speech on "The Road to Commercialization of Fuel Cell Industry under the Double Carbon Target".

Dr. Zhang Zhen believes that there is a global consensus on emission reduction and low-carbon transformation. In March this year, the National Development and Reform Commission released the Medium and Long-term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry, which clearly defines the strategic positioning of hydrogen energy and the hydrogen energy industry as an important part of China's entire energy system in the future, and for enterprises to achieve low-carbon transformation, choosing hydrogen energy is a must.

While the hydrogen energy industry is ready to take off, the large-scale industrial application of hydrogen energy also faces challenges such as cost, technical bottlenecks and system performance.

With regard to cost, the current cost of using fuel cells is not enough compared to electric vehicle batteries, especially the high cost of upstream hydrogen production. For the industry to reduce costs, there are two doses of good medicine. First, the scale effect, the perfection of the industry chain; second, technological breakthroughs, to play a point by point effect, to promote the rapid development of the entire industry chain.

  • The whole industry chain layout

As a world-renowned smart energy solution service company, Vision Group has invested and set up hydrogen energy bases in many places across the country. Through reasonable industrial planning and investment layout, it has grown into a Chinese company with a complete industrial chain of domestically produced hydrogen fuel cells.

Dr. Zhang Zhen said in this regard, "We agree that the development of the whole industry cannot be limited to one field, and we have made layouts in the core components membrane electrodes, control systems, application scenarios and for upstream hydrogen production and hydrogen refuelling, hoping to provide customers with more multi-faceted supporting services."

  • Breakthrough technology, sustainable cost reduction

Vision Group attaches importance to scientific research and constantly seeks technological breakthroughs. In terms of reactor products, we have launched two product series, metal reactors and graphite reactors. The metal reactor focuses on high bulk power density, while the graphite reactor focuses on high lifetime. Vision Hydrogen department has developed its own key components, such as the pilot and water distributor, to achieve sustainable cost reduction and hydrogen consumption reduction of the products. In addition, Xiongtao Hydrogen has integrated the entire control system of the fuel cell to make a whole set of controllers, which greatly improves the integration, reliability and safety, and at the same time plays a role in cost reduction.

Dr. Zhang Zhen shared, "At present, with the integration of all aspects of industry, academia and research, the final product made by Vision Group covers a wide range of modules from 5 kW to 130 kW. The whole system is in the leading position in the industry in terms of power density, reliability, hydrogen consumption and so on."

Acting without ceasing, the future is promising! As a national high-tech enterprise, Vision Group will operate with craftsmanship, strive for innovation, empower industrial development with technology, embrace the national dual carbon strategy and promote the development of the road to fuel cell commercialization.