Vision Group uses the power of hydrogen to help Wuhan build a beautiful river city

Aug 30, 2022

On August 26th, Wuhan HydraV Fuel Cell Tech. Co., Ltd. (One of the Vision Group's subsidiaries) was invited to attend the "City Management Open Day" event, which was organized by Wuhan City Management and Law Enforcement Commission and co-organized by Wuhan Economic Development Zone City Management and Law Enforcement Commission, reflecting Wuhan's technology and intelligent transportation.

The event showcased the 18T hydrogen fuel cell compressed rubbish truck and sweeper jointly developed and produced by HydraV Fuel Cell Tech., Xiamen Golden Dragon and Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co.

People line up to try out the hydrogen vehicles

The power system of the 18T hydrogen fuel cell compressed rubbish truck and sweeper at the event adopts the 60KW hydrogen fuel cell engine developed by Wuhan Xiongtao Hydroxiong, and the core components of this engine, such as electric reactor, membrane electrode, ejector and controller, are all developed and produced by Vision Group.

"Doesn't this car need to be refuelled or charged?" , "Is the water that comes out clean?" A group of visitors were curiously asking questions around the hydrogen car. The staff of HydraV Fuel Cell Tech. meticulously and enthusiastically introduced the working principle of the two hydrogen fuel cells, the hydrogen refuelling process, and demonstrated the daily operation of the hydrogen fuel cell compressed rubbish truck and the washing truck on site.

18T hydrogen fuel cell compressed rubbish truck

This vehicle is equipped with six 140L hydrogen cylinders, which can operate continuously for 12 hours when filled with hydrogen, and it only takes about 10 minutes to refill. The fuel cell vehicle also has better resistance to low temperatures and does not suffer from power fade or reduced range in winter. The vehicles are in trial operation and will soon be delivered for use in China's "Car Valley", helping to build the beautiful river city of Wuhan.

With its core technology, independent R&D capability and visionary layout of the whole industry chain, Vision Group has completed the layout of key links such as hydrogen production, membrane electrode, fuel cell power stack, fuel cell engine system and vehicle operation. At the same time, the company has already invested in research and development in various fields such as low platinum-carrying catalysts, membrane electrodes and aluminium hydrogen production, and has achieved milestones.

As a global leader in fuel cell solutions, we will continue to leverage our leading solutions and complete industrial chain to lead the industry to seize development opportunities, embrace the dual carbon strategy, and help maintain our green hills with hydrogen.