Vision Group re-wined China Mobile Base Station Battery Project 2020

May 19, 2020

On April 28, 2020, China Mobile issued the” Notice of Winning Bid in the Purchase of Lithium Phosphate Batteries for Communications in 2020”. With strong technical strength, perfect and meticulous service and good corporate reputation,Vision appears on the list of winning candidates through layer-by-layer selection and fierce competition, winning 18.3 million dollars in one stroke!

High performance lithium power

Vision smart communication solution uses 19 inch 48V series lithium iron phosphate batteries on traditional indoor base stations. Compared with lead acid batteries, it has the advantages of high energy density, long life, good power performance, high safety, clean and environmental protection. In terms of technology, Vision Group, adhering to the spirit of craftsmen, continuously optimizes the battery technology and structure, and has achieved excellent results in battery performance and safety.

Integrated design, flexible installation

For 5G applications and short-time high current backup environment, Vision Intelligent Communication Solution introduces an integrated design of distributed base station power supply, which can flexibly select stick installation or wall mounting according to the site environment. It provides high-quality uninterrupted power supply for building signal coverage equipment such as malls, stations, airports, office buildings, and ensures full coverage of communication signals.

Intelligent security

At present, the stolen of storage battery of communication base station is a global problem. The smart communication solution has multiple anti-theft devices. It is equipped with GPS module. The pre-set monitoring center can query the operation of the terminal and monitor it in real time. In addition, it has smart software lock. If the battery is stolen from the site, it cannot identify other devices.

Cloud monitoring, smart energy

Vision Intelligent Communications Solution, equipped with intelligent cloud management System, real-time remote monitoring, multi-end 24/7 monitoring of each battery real-time status, including real-time monitoring of battery physical parameters; battery status estimation; online diagnosis and warning, etc., information digitization fine management reduces the cost of asset operation and maintenance.

At present, Vision Intelligent Communications Solution has been trusted and supported by customers all over the world, serving more than 100+ countries and regions, including China Mobile, Huawei, ZTE, Reliance Jio, Telenor, KT, Edotco, etc. We will never forget our origins and strive for continuous innovation and breakthroughs, leading the development of smart energy and enabling the development of global industries.