Vision Group Entrepreneurship Conference and 2021 Spring Festival Gala was successfully held

Dec 23, 2020

On December 18, 2020, Vision Group Entrepreneurship Conference and 2021 Spring Festival banquet were held in Shenzhen JinPinyue banquet hall. Bright lights and enthusiastic drums dancing opened the prelude of the whole party. All business units, base management and all staff of Nanshan headquarters in Shenzhen gathered together to celebrate the glory of 2020 and look forward to a bright 2021!

Huanong Zhang, chairman of Vision Group, made a speech at the party. He said that 2020 is an extraordinary year. Under the sudden epidemic situation, challenges and opportunities come together. Mr. Zhang affirmed the outstanding achievements of each business unit and base of Vision Group in 2020. At the same time, he also expressed the goals and expectations for the new year to all employees.

Vision is a national hero in the field of lead acid battery, and has created many miracles in the industry. In 2021, Vision will continue to make full use of internet thinking to build Vision internet marketing and service, and promote the fission growth of Vision Group by using intelligence, service and big data to drive product sales.

At the annual meeting, the outstanding teams and individuals who made outstanding contributions to the development of the company in 2020 were commended, encouraging more staffs to achieve better results in 2021.

The spring festival gala was rich in content, diverse in form and brilliant. The energetic youth dance, soul-stirring chorus, and passionate recitation of poems... a magnificent audio-visual feast was presented to the attendees, fully demonstrating the enthusiasm and positive spirit of the Vision Group.

Exciting lottery draws brought the lively atmosphere to a climax again and again, multiple rounds of draws were held on the scene, wishing all good luck in 2021!