Vision Group attended the Energy Storage 2011-CN Conference

Jan 5, 2012
8th-9th Spetember, 2011, Vision Group took part in the 2nd Renewable Power Generation & Energy Storage System Industry Conference which is organized by CBI EVENTS.
This conference is the highest standard technical seminar of energy storage industry. There are more than 20 electric power & power grid company and more than 40 energy storage battery/system suppliers who attended the conference. It was mainly about the present situation and the future outlook and trends of energy storage battery with Lithium-ion battery, grid-connected technology, multi-angle discussion on Renewable Power—such as wind power, solar energy.
In this conference, Mr. Zhang Huanong, President of Vision Group, gave a presentation concerning “The Application of Hybrid Battery on Energy Storage System” to all the attendant. This excellent presentation intrigued most of the attendants with an exclusive design, characteristic and the detailed application of Vision Group hybrid battery.