Vision Fuel Cell Weekly: Stellantis and Hype join forces to build hydrogen-powered taxis; Guizhou, Shenzhen, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia release hydrogen energy-related policies

Jun 14, 2023

Industries Dynamic

15 trillion yen! The Japanese government has made another big move in hydrogen energy

According to Kyodo News, the Japanese government decided to revise the "Hydrogen Basic Strategy" at a cabinet meeting on June 6, and plans to invest a total of 15 trillion yen (about RMB 764 billion) in the next 15 years to promote and improve the hydrogen supply chain. In addition, it is planned to gradually expand the supply of hydrogen in the future from 2 million tons in 2023 to six times that amount, reaching around 12 million tons in 2040 and achieving the goal of zero carbon emissions in the future.

Signal! Zhang Jianhua invited to visit UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries and reach consensus on hydrogen energy cooperation

From 28 May to 5 June, Zhang Jianhua, Director General of the National Energy Administration, was invited to lead a delegation to visit the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to implement the outcomes of the first China-Arabia and China Shipping Summit, strengthen policy docking with relevant countries and promote pragmatic energy cooperation. Zhang Jianhua reached consensus on cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy with a number of leaders from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, details of which are shown below:

During his stay in the UAE, Zhang Jianhua met with Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Mazrui, Director General of Abu Dhabi Energy Authority Malar and President of AFNEC Hammadi to have an in-depth exchange of views on Sino-Arab cooperation in the fields of oil and gas, photovoltaic, hydrogen energy and nuclear energy.

During his stay in Saudi Arabia, he met with Saudi Minister of Energy Abdul Aziz and co-chaired a meeting on Sino-Saudi energy cooperation, agreeing to strengthen the dialogue between the two sides in the energy sector and reaching a series of consensus on promoting practical cooperation in the fields of oil and gas, hydrogen energy and civil nuclear energy.

Meeting with Nasser, President and CEO of Saudi Aramco, Hamid, Vice President of Saudi Public Investment Fund, and Abu Nayan, Chairman of Saudi International Electricity and Water Company, to exchange views on further enhancing pragmatic cooperation in oil and gas, renewable energy, hydrogen energy and other fields.

Stylantis and Hype join forces to create hydrogen-powered taxis

Stellantis and Hype have announced a partnership to supply and operate hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The first phase will see the delivery of 50 zero-emission disabled persons' (PRM) taxis in Paris, France. The vehicles, which can carry five passengers and a wheelchair, have a range of 249 miles, a three-minute hydrogen refuelling time and are 100% electric hybrids, using rechargeable batteries and a hydrogen fuel cell system.

By the end of 2024, the two companies will have the capacity to deploy up to 1,000 PRM hydrogen taxis, which will be linked to the "Paris PRM Taxi" operating licence introduced by the French authorities.

Industry Policy

Guizhou Bijie New Integrated Energy Base Construction Implementation Plan Issued

Recently, the People's Government of Bijie City, Guizhou Province, issued the "Implementation Plan for the Construction of a New Integrated Energy Base in Bijie City". The document points out that the development and utilisation of hydrogen energy should be steadily promoted. The government will take advantage of the rich new energy resources in Weining and Hezhang to vigorously develop the "green hydrogen" industry and promote the construction of photovoltaic hydrogen demonstration projects in Weining and Hezhang counties.

Shenzhen International Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park Management Measures

The People's Government of Yantian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, has recently issued the "Measures for the Admission of Enterprises and Management of Yantian District International Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park (provisional)". The scope of business is defined as the research and development and industrialisation of products related to the hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry chain, high-end manufacturing and testing equipment in the field of hydrogen energy, as well as services involving the development, operation, platforming and standardisation of application scenarios in the field of hydrogen energy.

Ningxia releases autonomous region's implementation plan to support the high-quality development of Wuzhong Energy Comprehensive Demonstration City

The People's Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has released the Implementation Plan on the Autonomous Region's Support for the High-Quality Development of Wuzhong Energy Comprehensive Demonstration City. It is mentioned in the plan that the city will strive to build a "China Ammonia and Hydrogen Valley". Wuzhong City is supported to rely on the Ningxia Ammonia and Hydrogen Industry Alliance, strengthen cooperation with the Shanghai Lingang Ammonia and Hydrogen Research Institute, coordinate the advantageous resource conditions and reasonably concentrate the layout of green electricity to hydrogen, green hydrogen to ammonia, green hydrogen to methanol, and hydrogen to methanol coupled with coal and oil chemical integration industry in Sunshan Development Zone, and build a green hydrogen production base of a large scale that radiates throughout the region.

Inner Mongolia Alashan Union Carbon Dafeng Implementation Plan

The Office of the CPC Alashan League Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region issued the "Alashan League Carbon Peak Implementation Plan". It is pointed out that: to promote the integration of "scenery and hydrogen storage", to orderly promote the construction layout of hydrogen filling stations. Green energy alternative projects include the 1 million kilowatt scenery hydrogen ammonia and infrastructure integration low-carbon park construction project in the State Energy Alashan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the 600,000 kilowatt scenery hydrogen production integration construction project in Tengri, and the Alashan Union hydro-pneumatic composite energy storage system demonstration construction project.