Vision Fuel Cell Weekly: Hydrogen fuel cell plane makes first flight; Germany to build 21GW hydrogen power plant; Guangxi, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Erdos and Puyang release hydrogen energy related policies

Mar 15, 2023

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1 megawatt! First US nuclear power to hydrogen demonstration reactor begins operation

The Nine Mile Peak Nuclear Power Plant in the Great Lakes region of the United States has seen the operation of the first 1 MW nuclear hydrogen demonstration reactor in the United States, according to the World Nuclear Energy Network.

With two boiling water reactors with installed capacities of 613,000 kW and 1,277,000 kW respectively, the Nine Mile Peak Nuclear Power Plant's nuclear power to hydrogen project is one of four nuclear power plant hydrogen demonstration projects to be supported by the US Department of Energy in 2022, the other three being the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant, Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant and Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant. United Energy also plans to partner with NYSERDA to build a hydrogen fuel cell facility near this nuclear hydrogen production facility to begin supplying electricity to the grid in 2025.

Kathryn Huff, Secretary of the US Department of Energy (DOE), commented: "This achievement clearly demonstrates that existing US reactor units can now produce clean hydrogen. Their ultimate goal is to reduce the cost of producing hydrogen to US$1/kg.

World's largest hydrogen fuel cell aircraft makes first flight

Universal Hydrogen's hydrogen fuel cell demonstrator successfully completed its maiden flight in Moose Lake, Washington, USA recently. The test flight lasted 15 minutes and reached an altitude of 3,500 feet. The test platform is said to be based on the Dash 8-300, which is currently the world's largest hydrogen fuel cell aircraft.

Chancellor Scholz: Germany to build 21GW of hydrogen power plants

Recently, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Germany, as Europe's largest economy, will build new hydrogen-fuelled gas-fired power plants to boost its climate-friendly energy sources. In a speech to the VKU local utilities association, Scholz said:- "We have not lost sight of the goal of decarbonisation and in order to stabilise the supply we will build new gas-fired power plants that can run on hydrogen in the future." Olaf Scholz said that the installed capacity of new hydrogen-powered gas-fired power plants will be between 17-21GW.

Germany's Conjuncta joins UAE's Masdar and others to develop 10 GW green hydrogen project in Mauritania

On 8 March, German project developer Conjuncta, Egyptian energy supplier Infinity, Masdar of the United Arab Emirates and the Mauritanian government signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation. Under the agreement, the companies will form a consortium to invest approximately USD 34 billion in the development of a green hydrogen and hydrogen-based derivatives project in Mauritania, with a total installed capacity of 10 GW of electrolysers and an annual production capacity of 8 million tonnes of hydrogen-based derivatives such as green ammonia. The project will be built in two phases, with the first phase located in the northeast of Mauritania's capital city of Nouakchott, with an installed capacity of 400 MW of electrolytic cells, and is expected to be operational in 2028.


Construction of 5,000 sets of electric stack production lines! Promote 100 hydrogen vehicles! Puyang, Henan Province, released 2023 hydrogen energy industry development work points

Recently, Puyang has formulated the "Highlights of Hydrogen Energy Industry Development in Puyang City in 2023" (hereinafter referred to as "Highlights"), which clarifies the general idea, development goals and key tasks of hydrogen energy industry development in the city in 2023.

The "Key Points" pointed out that Puyang will seize the opportunity to build the Zhengbian Luopu hydrogen corridor, focus on building "one centre, four bases and multiple scenes" of hydrogen energy industry development pattern, coordinate upstream hydrogen production, midstream storage and transportation, downstream equipment manufacturing and other industries, improve the "production, storage, transportation and research" The whole industry chain will be improved, the construction of a leading hydrogen energy equipment industry cluster in China will be accelerated, and a special and diversified demonstration and application base will be built. By the end of 2023, it is planned to gather more than 10 hydrogen energy industry chain equipment manufacturing enterprises, promote 200 new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, build 4 new hydrogen refueling stations, open 4 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle bus lines, and initially form a relatively complete hydrogen energy industry chain of hydrogen production, hydrogen gas cylinders and refilling machines, electric reactors and key components, hydrogen fuel cell power systems, and special vehicles manufacturing; and strive to complete Investment of more than 3 billion yuan.

Inner Mongolia Ordos National Economic Plan 2023: Construction of hydrogen production capacity of 30,000 tons

Recently, Erdos Municipal People's Government issued a notice on the national economic and social development plan for 2023. Among them, the hydrogen energy aspect states that

Anchor four world-class industries and accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system.

(i) Construct a world-class energy industry. Vigorously develop the hydrogen energy storage industry, build hydrogen production capacity of 30,000 tons, and reach more than 1 million kilowatts of energy storage capacity.

(b) Constructing a world-class coal chemical industry. Accelerate the construction of the modern coal chemical industry demonstration zone, and promote the construction of Baofeng's green hydrogen and coal chemical coupling and Rongxin's methanol-to-olefin project.

(3) Constructing a world-class new energy industry. Optimize the industrial layout and build a whole chain of industrial clusters integrating energy production, equipment manufacturing and application demonstration. In terms of hydrogen energy, we will promote the production of Jie's hydrogen fuel cell reactor project and the commencement of the construction of RuiDao's hydrogen energy equipment project.

Guangxi: Encourage the development of hydrogen energy green energy vehicles and explore the establishment of a production, supply, storage and marketing system

Recently, the Development and Reform Commission of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region released the "Implementation Opinions on Improving Institutional Mechanisms and Policy Measures for Green and Low-Carbon Transformation of Energy in Guangxi (Draft for Comments)", in which hydrogen energy is mentioned.

Implement green and low-carbon transportation facilities and equipment, promote large-capacity electrified public transportation and electric vehicles, and encourage the development of green energy transportation such as hydrogen, advanced bio-liquid fuel and natural gas. Promote the electrification of railways. Increase the promotion of the application of electricity, natural gas, hydrogen and hybrid power in new ships, and improve the layout of charging, hydrogen and gas filling stations and service facilities in highway service areas, port areas, passenger hubs, logistics parks and public transport yards to reduce energy costs. Carry out the construction of multi-energy integrated transportation energy supply stations, promote the pilot project of energy interaction between new energy vehicles and power grids, promote the synergistic development of vehicle-pile and ship-shore, and build a comprehensive energy supply service station network with multiple energy supplies of oil, gas, hydrogen and electricity. Support the use of railway lines and highway service areas to build new energy facilities, and encourage the unified planning and implementation of new energy projects along the same path.

1:1 subsidy for hydrogen vehicles! Tianjin Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Subsidy Rules Announced

Recently, the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Finance released, the Development and Reform Commission and the Bureau of Industry and Information jointly issued the "Guidance on Local Financial Support Policies for Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Cities", with the following highlights.

The city will provide local subsidies for the purchase of fuel cell vehicles by enterprises within its jurisdiction according to the standard of 1:1 with the national incentive, and the funds required will be borne by the city and the district where the purchasing enterprise is located in the ratio of 30%:70%. According to the Implementation Plan for the Demonstration and Application of Fuel Cell Vehicles in Tianjin, the total number of subsidized vehicles at the municipal level will not exceed 900 vehicles in principle under the promotion plan.

The city provides a one-time subsidy of up to RMB 5 million for new hydrogen refuelling and production facilities at a rate of 30% of the total investment in fixed assets, with the required funds borne by the municipal treasury. The Municipal Development and Reform Commission regularly organizes the declaration and evaluation of relevant projects, and in principle, each district will no longer introduce a separate policy for the award of subsidies for hydrogen refuelling and hydrogen production facilities.

The implementation plan of Zhejiang Province's industrial sector carbon peak: promoting the development of the whole chain of hydrogen energy "production, storage, transmission and use

Recently, the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Zhejiang Province, the Development and Reform Commission and the Department of Ecology and Environment jointly issued the "Implementation Plan for Achieving Carbon Peaks in the Industrial Sector of Zhejiang Province", in which hydrogen energy is stated as follows

Promote the development of the whole chain of hydrogen energy "production, storage, transmission and use". To carry out the construction of industrial green low-carbon micro-grid, encourage factories and parks to speed up the development and operation of integrated systems such as rooftop photovoltaic, decentralized wind power, diversified energy storage, high-efficiency heat pumps, waste heat and pressure utilization and intelligent energy control systems, and promote the efficient and complementary use of multi-energy.

Accelerate the research and development of energy-saving and carbon-reducing technologies. Focusing on new energy, new materials, hydrogen energy, high-efficiency energy storage, integrated energy optimization, renewable resource utilization, pollution reduction and carbon reduction synergy, carbon capture and storage utilization, etc., we will concentrate our superior resources on promoting common key technologies, leading-edge technologies, disruptive technologies and related facilities and equipment for green and low-carbon development, and form a number of original and leading technological achievements.