Vision energy storage lithium battery solution always there for you

Sep 6, 2022

Vision energy storage lithium battery solution using residential ESS uses inergrated technology,enables you obtain power from PV panels,utility grid,diesel generators.The power of the hybrid inverter rated from 3kW-12kW and battery capafity could be expanded from 5.12kW-46.08kWh,it can meet your fanily daily electricity consumption,absolutely a better choice for household UPS.

Home energy storage is usually used in conjunction with household photovoltaics, with installed capacity seeing high growth. A home energy storage system, also known as a battery storage system, has at its core a rechargeable energy storage battery, usually based on lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries, controlled by a computer and coordinated by other intelligent hardware and software to achieve charging and discharging cycles. Home energy storage systems can often be combined with distributed photovoltaic power generation to form a home photovoltaic storage system. From the customer side, home optical storage systems can reduce electricity bills while eliminating the adverse effects of power outages on normal life; from the grid side, home energy storage devices that support unified dispatch can alleviate electricity tensions during peak hours and provide frequency correction for the grid.

According to the different coupling methods of PV and energy storage systems, they are divided into DC coupled systems and AC coupled systems, which are suitable for the incremental market with newly installed PV systems and the stock market with already installed PV systems respectively. The incremental market has more space and is the main driver of future market growth.