Vision Cooperates with China Tower Corp. Chongqing Branch on 4G Network Construction

Jun 10, 2015

Since being established, the China Tower Corp. has been constantly pushing the telecom industry developing in a healthy and sustainable way, striving hard to provide more infrastructures for enriching users’ communication and daily life. The Chongqing Branch finally selects Vision as its partner to achieve this aim after a comprehensive evaluation on many battery manufacturers’ products and service.

A reliable power supply system is the key to guarantee telecom facilities work efficiently. As one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world, Vision keeps providing good battery solutions for many telecom corporations around the world. In this cooperation, Vision provides the Gel battery front terminal series with the following features:

  • The Gel battery in long and narrow shape contributes to installation of outdoor cabinets, saving much space in machine rooms, and meeting telecom industrial trend of indoor site going to outdoor.
  • The way that electric wires are conducted to front terminals makes battery installation and maintenance more convenient and efficient.
  • Plates are designed in a special way with their service life over 20 years.
  • The special lead calcium alloy formula improves plate grids’ corrosion resistance, and enables battery with a good deep discharge performance.
  • The advanced silicon dioxide gel technique further prolongs battery service life.

To help Chongqing Branch complete the site construction, Vision strictly controls the delivery time in 8 days. Vision people are sparing no effort to service for 4G network construction in Chongqing.

This cooperation is just the beginning of Vision’s cooperation with China Tower Corp. Once Vision decides to provide integrated solutions for customers, it will strive hard to make them perfect. And Vision will give you a pleasant 4G enjoy by continuous creative product solutions, persistently improved quality, convenient and fast delivery as well as considerate service.

Acceptance makes strangers partners, and trust makes partnership forever. Vision patiently and carefully cultivates cooperation relationship by products and service with high quality. This cooperation also serves as a guide for future ones.