Vision Battery was invited to attend the China-ASEAN Energy Storage Industry Summit

Dec 13, 2022

Entrusted by the National Energy Administration and hosted by Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance, the "China-Asean Energy Storage Industry Summit Forum" recently came to a successful conclusion. Energy authorities of ASEAN countries, embassies of ASEAN countries in China, major power generation groups of China, power generation companies of ASEAN countries and energy storage leaders will participate in the meeting to exchange opportunities and challenges in ASEAN energy storage market and deepen cooperation between China and ASEAN in energy storage.

Yuan Hang from UPS Department of Vision Battery Shares was invited to attend the event and gave a speech in which he shared the development of data centers at home and abroad, introduced the application advantages of Vision Battery UPS energy storage integrated solution, and injected new ideas for industrial transformation and upgrading.

In the context of new infrastructure, data centers have been developing rapidly. As a high-density load, how to maximize the use of clean energy and reduce the operation energy consumption of data centers has attracted more and more attention.

Vision Battery reserve integrated system solution

Vision Storage integrated system solution integrates energy storage facilities, fire protection facilities, monitoring and temperature control systems into containers to ensure the functional integrity and applicability of the whole system.

The integrated system solution of Vision Battery Reserve has a standardized, modular and integrated system, which can effectively ensure the consistency of the project. At the same time, it has the characteristics of short construction cycle, simple installation and construction process, convenient post-maintenance, low production cost, short supply cycle, high reliability, high security, high integration, low cost, low energy consumption, can realize rapid and flexible deployment, is a set of standard, integrated integration solution.

As a flexible resource, energy storage provides a powerful and effective means to optimize the energy use of data centers, maximize the use of clean energy and smart energy management.

Vision will actively explore more applications in the energy storage business, deepen the development of the company in the field of new energy, create more intelligent and energy-saving products for the industry, and actively promote the high-efficiency, low-carbon and green development of energy use in the industry.