Vision Battery signs CNY145 million contract related to energy storage system equipment

Oct 11, 2022

Vision Battery signed a contract for the supply of energy storage system equipment for energy storage power plant project design and construction EPC project with China Electric Power Engineering Consulting Group Zhongnan Electric Power Design Institute Co.

Vision Battery has won the recognition and trust of the market and customers by winning another order of RMB 140,592,000 for its excellent products and perfect services.

Through the rapid storage and release of electrical energy, energy storage power plants can not only participate in system peak and frequency regulation, smooth out new energy fluctuations and reduce the rate of wind and light abandonment, but also play a significant role in enhancing the emergency control capacity of power grids, delaying the construction and upgrading of power grids.

The domestic energy storage power plant market is encouraged by the policy, and the economy is significantly improved. According to the relevant institutions, the market space is expected to be nearly 50GWh in 2025.

"Carbon neutrality" has become a global consensus and mission. Vision Battery will shoulder this responsibility and join hands with global partners to contribute to the green low-carbon cause.