Vision Battery Reigns as One of the Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises

Sep 8, 2023

Recently, "2023 Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises Ranking" co-sponsored by China Energy Newspaper and China Energy Economics Research Institute was released, and Vision Battery was once again selected as one of the Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises by virtue of its scientific and technological innovativeness in the energy field, its market influence, and its performance in terms of revenue.

The "2023 Global New Energy Enterprise Competitiveness Report" released in the same period shows that the new energy industry has ushered in new development opportunities, showing explosive growth. The global new energy industry has formed a new competitive development pattern: the core position of Asia is getting stronger, the core country position of China and the United States is getting stronger and stronger, and the solar energy and energy storage industry has become the leading industry, leading the development of the industry.

Global market divergence, China and the United States become the top players

For a long time, China, the United States, Germany and Japan are the core force in the development of new energy industry, however, now the pattern has changed. Statistics show that in 2023, the top 500 enterprises, China, the United States of America's total operating income exceeded trillion yuan, respectively, reached 4.47 trillion yuan and 1.01 trillion yuan, an increase of 76.42% and 42.25%. China and the U.S. have become the only members of the trillion-dollar club in the world, opening up a significant gap with other countries, and South Korea's total corporate revenue has also surpassed Japan's to be among the top four.

Asian companies strengthen their core position
In terms of the number of companies, the number of Asian companies in the 2023 Top 500 reaches 319, accounting for 63.80 per cent of the total, while the number of European companies is 108, accounting for 21.60 per cent.

Facing the wave of the times, Vision Battery has been deeply ploughing around the energy field, taking lead-acid batteries as the starting point for taking off, and using the core technology accumulated over the years to help many industries to carry out energy restructuring in the context and trend of dual-carbon. We provide customers with efficient energy system solutions and take the green road of sustainable development.

With the strong policy and market demand in the energy storage industry, Vision Group won the awards of "Innovative Product of the Year", "Excellent Battery Supplier of the Year in the Energy Storage Industry" and "Good Company 50 Innovation and Development Award" with its excellent products, and won many orders at home and abroad, which won the recognition and trust of the market and customers.

Excellent market performance is inseparable from years of technical accumulation and innovation strength. Vision's energy storage product business includes UPS uninterruptible power supply, IDC data centre, optical storage and charging integration, home energy storage, energy storage power station, energy storage system operation and maintenance, etc. The type of business covers product development, solution, system integration, investment and operation. Vision's energy storage solutions can not only provide users with customised products, but also provide a complete set of solutions according to customer needs, all solutions combined with laddering technology, using integrated, modular design, low cost, high stability, high security and can be applied to a variety of battery installation.