Vision battery at the 22nd China International Fair for Investment and Trade

Sep 13, 2022

Vision battery was invited by the China Hydrogen Energy Alliance to make a splendid appearance in the China Hydrogen Energy Zone of the 22nd Fairs and Exhibitions, and the hydrogen fuel cell solutions on display were well received and sought after by the audience.

From September 8 to September 11, the 22nd China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT), hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, was held at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The theme of the 22nd CIFIT was "Global Development: Sharing Digital Opportunities, Investing in a Green Future", and the event attracted more than 90 countries and regions, more than 800 business and trade delegations, more than 4,000 enterprises and about 60,000 businessmen to participate in the event online and offline.

Against the backdrop of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the domestic hydrogen energy sector is gaining momentum, with cities scrambling to declare themselves as part of the hydrogen energy demonstration city group, and the release of hydrogen energy industry plans with great urgency. The application scenarios of hydrogen energy are getting richer and richer, with the scale of application in transportation steadily increasing, and the application in industry and construction is flourishing.

With its core technology, independent R&D capability and visionary layout of the whole industry chain, Vision Hydrogen Energy has completed the layout of key links such as hydrogen production, membrane electrode, fuel cell power stack, fuel cell engine system and vehicle operation. At the same time, the company has invested in research and development in various fields such as low platinum-carrying catalysts, membrane electrodes and aluminium hydrogen production, and has achieved milestones.

At present, Vision's hydrogen energy matching vehicles, including buses, heavy trucks and logistics, have been put into demonstration operation with more than 400 vehicles, operating over 13 million kilometres and reducing emissions by a total of 18 million kilograms.

The exhibition focused on green development and double carbon life. In the future, Vision battery shares will continue to increase investment in technology research and development, and jointly promote industrial synergy to help the sustainable development of the new energy industry.