Vision Battery at Data Centre World, Paris

Nov 21, 2022

On November 16th-17th, 2022, Data Centre World was held in Paris, France, and Vision Battery presented its data centre battery solutions, which gained high attention from inside and outside the industry.

Data Centre World is one of Europe's most authoritative data centre technology and equipment exhibitions, a global series of exhibitions that combine data centre, cloud technology, cloud security and smart IoT technology and equipment.

At the exhibition, Vision Battery not only showed the company's development in the field of global data centre backup power supply, but also brought the Vision long life FM series, high power HFS series solutions and REVO lithium battery solutions, which were well received by the audience.

The development of global data centre construction is in full swing, while the impact on the environment is intensifying, so it is crucial to achieve intelligent and green development of data centres. Lithium batteries will be the "breakthrough" for energy saving in data centre power supply systems, and their technological development and evolution will play an important role in the overall control of data centre PUE.

REVO Series Lithium solution

The Vision REVO lithium solution uses lithium iron phosphate, which is a safer and more stable core material, and is equipped with a multi-level intelligent BMS management system, which can identify faults in advance, maintain them in advance and achieve intelligent management, greatly simplifying operation and maintenance, improving availability, solving application pain points and saving customers' hearts and money in all aspects.

Known as the industry's most knowledgeable lithium battery for UPS, Vision REVO has rapidly spread to the data centre industry, helping to upgrade and transform the industry.

Technological innovation will be the key force leading the development and transformation of data centres. Looking to the future, Vision Battery will continue to innovate, based on its rich practical experience and industry insight, and join hands with more customers and partners to jointly build low-carbon intelligent data centres, helping Europe to accelerate the achievement of carbon neutrality goals.