Vision Battery at Data Centre World Asia

Oct 17, 2023

Data Centre World Asia 2023 was held on 11-12 October in Singapore. As Asia's largest data centre industry event, the exhibition brings together the world's leading data centre suppliers and experts to showcase green data centre solutions and discuss new trends and opportunities facing the Asia-Pacific data centre industry.

As a global intelligent energy solution provider, Vision Group made a wonderful appearance with its lithium battery solution for data centres, fully demonstrating its scientific and technological strength and innovation.

Along with the acceleration of digital transformation, the value of data is becoming more and more prominent, and data centre has become an important driving force to achieve business growth and sustainable development. Vision Group creates safe and energy-saving lithium battery solutions for data centres to help customers achieve intelligent green transformation. At the booth site, customers and supply chain partners from all over the world came to visit and gained a deeper understanding of the solutions.

The power supply system of the data centre is like the heart of the data centre, providing reliable and stable power for it. REVO series is a lithium battery system solution developed by Vision Battery, which is suitable for all kinds of UPS, adopting independently developed high rate lithium iron phosphate battery core and BMS management system, integrating the remote cloud management system and built-in modular fire-fighting, which has the characteristics of safety, reliability, green, high efficiency, simplicity and flexibility, etc., with a small footprint and long cycle life. It is safe, reliable, green, efficient, simple and flexible, with small footprint and long cycle life.

In the future, Vision Battery will continue to increase its investment in data centre technology innovation, continuously optimize its products and solutions, and provide surging power to drive the industry development with its leading experience and innovative technologies, products and solutions.