Three hours of shock! The communications lithium batteries of Vision experienced a fire disaster

Aug 19, 2020

On April 10, 2020 at 13:26, the telecom room in the basement of Jinwan Garden,Daya Bay, Huizhou City,I ---brave lithium battery, experienced a thrilling fire disaster. Seeing this, is your expression like this?

Don't worry, listen to me slowly. At that time, the fire engulfed the entire telecom room and burned for a full 3 hoursand the smoke billowed. After the firefighters arrived and put out the fire, the entire telecom room was almost burnt down.

A magical thing happened. The firefighters opened the cabinet and found that I was lying there safe and sound, all intact. Someone said that I was the battery that could not burn.

One month later, the cause of the fire was finally investigated. The electrical circuit of the air-conditioning equipment in the telecom room was short-circuited and the fire ignited the surrounding combustibles, which spread and caused disaster.

withstanding the test of the fire, the most important thing is that I have a hard-core battery and layers of safety protection!

Vision Intelligent Communication Lithium Battery Solution

Vision Group adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship, continuously optimizes the battery technology and structure, and has achieved outstanding results in battery performance and safety.

High-performance batteries

Independently researched and developed by Vision technology, it uses 19-inch 48V series lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have the advantages of high energy density, long life, good power performance, high safety, clean and environmental friendly.

Four-level security control

Cell level: safer LFP material, explosion-proof valve design

Module level: through BMU , manage module temperature in real time

Rack level : through CBMS, manage module’s overcharge, overdischarge, consistency and other status

System level: ensures system balance and allows the mix and match of new and old modules.

Multiple safety performance tests

Adopting UL1973 and Vision Group corporate standards, the batteries have undergone 9 test items including strict needle test, short circuit test, combustion test, drop test, immersion test, overdischarge test, overcharge test, extrusion test, and heavy object impact test.

Cloud monitoring, smart battery

Vision intelligent communications lithium battery solutions are equipped with an intelligent cloud management system for real-time remote monitoring, multi-terminal all-weather monitoring of the real-time status of each battery, including real-time monitoring of battery physical parameters; battery status estimation; online diagnosis and early warning.

Due to the particularity of the physical environment of the telecom room , fires are extremely likely to occur. The safety of telecom room should not be careless. In daily operation and maintenance, we must always improve the awareness of fire prevention, and take preventive measures against failures in the telecom room before it happens.