Technical topic: Hydrogen inducer successfully developed

Jul 22, 2022

The hydrogen injector is a key component of the hydrogen circulation system. If the fuel cell engine is compared to the "heart", the hydrogen circulation system is the "pacemaker", which is used to assist in the efficient circulation of hydrogen to achieve the best possible power output.

The fuel cell engine hydrogen circuit works in a return pump and pilot mode. Under normal conditions, the hydrogen is given in excess and therefore needs to be returned to the supply, where it merges with the new hydrogen and enters the reactor.

The reflux pump is a control component, which generates additional power consumption and has a high failure rate, while the ejector is a passive component, which increases the net system power and reduces hydrogen consumption under the same conditions. The existing market is dominated by the reflux pump, while the ejector is predominantly out-sourced and is mainly in the prototype testing phase.

In order to further reduce the cost of the fuel cell engine system and to improve the functional efficiency of the fuel cell engine system, Shenzhen HydraV Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. research and development team has conducted several studies and repeated tests, and finally launched a new hydrogen inducer solution.

The biggest advantage of the inducer is that it saves energy, is simpler and more reliable due to the absence of complex moving parts, and it can be a quarter of the size of a hydrogen circulation pump.

The project took more than three months to complete, from conceptual design, system index testing, parameter extraction, pilot design, pilot machining, pilot testing and other processes, culminating in the success of the 80kw system on a self-researched electric reactor.

The self-developed pilot can now cover a power range of 4-80kW, with a net power increase of 2kW at the rated point system, a 1% reduction in hydrogen consumption and a 50% reduction in hydrogen circuit costs.

With the continuous support of domestic policies, cost reduction will become a key driver for the industrialization of hydrogen energy. Vision Group hydrogen energy products will reduce costs in four areas: core components, design optimization, scale manufacturing and laddering, to build core competitiveness and help the industry develop healthily.